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  • You can make you own hand sanitizer at home by following this step by step guide.

    How to Make Hand Sanitizer: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Hand washing is the best way to prevent the spread of any contagious disease like coronavirus disease COVID-19. Because most of the viral infections spread through air droplets and we all must know that viral transmission through the air is unstoppable unless there is a proper treatment for that disease. Coronavirus disease is also spreading […] More

  • Eat more of these 11 anti-aging foods to get naturally glowing skin. #skincare #antiaging
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    Top 11 Anti-Aging Foods + How to Get Them in Your Diet

    Aging is an inevitable process but yes, you can delay it or combat it by just making your diet habits healthier. Aging is the accumulation of certain changes within the human body encompassing different physiological and physical changes over a period. Many experts are working to develop anti-aging formulas as per people’s demand for looking […] More

  • Lips Peeling Beauty Hack

    19 Genius Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

    Beauty is the main requiring thing in the least possible duration, but this is the only possible way when we act smartly knowing how to save our time and utilize it while looking so great. We especially women pursuit the beauty hacks regarding our hair, nails, body, skin color and natural glow. For this purpose, […] More

  • Read on to learn the 6 food items that aid in managing the symptoms of diabetes. #diabetes #diabeticsnacks
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    Diabetes May Be Detected 20 Years Before Diagnosis: 6 Foods That Will Keep Diabetes In Control

    A recent study reveals that the earliest symptoms of type 2 diabetes can be identified 20 years before the diagnosis. The researches revealed that signs such as increased body mass index (BMI), reduced insulin sensitivity and heightening fasting glucose are symptoms that can be detected 10 years before the patient is diagnosed, and it has […] More

  • Diabetes Meal Planning [Infographic]

    7-Day Ideal Diabetes Meal Plan

    Throughout the day it is compulsory to keep an eye on your intake, if you are a diabetic patient. Especially, you should focus on eating high fiber, less processed carbs, low fat dairy and healthy fats. There is another good option of taking healthy vegetable based fats like nuts, avocado, olive oil or canola oil. […] More

  • Probiotics are living micro-organisms that are taken by millions of people to boost their microbiome or to restore their gut ecosystem after a dose of antibiotics. Yet questions remain about whether they actually work. #probiotics #probioticfood

    Probiotics are mostly useless and can actually hurt you

    The use of probiotic supplements and dietary consumption has witnessed a striking increase over the years. This has led to the examination of their actual potential in bringing about health improvements. Basically, probiotics are living micro-organisms that are consumed by billions across the globe to improve their microbiome health, or to improve their digestive ecosystem, […] More

  • assistive listening devices

    A Therapy That Can Help Hearing Loss

    According to the studies of Mayo Clinic in United States, quarter percent of its whole population ages between 55 and 64 and they have a problem of hearing issue to some extent. In every 1000 children in United States about 2-3 are born with some hearing problem which doctors can detect right at the time […] More

  • Lemon Benefits and Side Effects

    5 Things You Didn’t Know About Lemons

    Lemons are not only known for their Vitamin C containing citrus possessions but also has many other health-related properties. While looking at the nutritional contents of the lemons, it is clear, that they are good for a medical point of view as well for controlling obesity, anemia, cancerous tumors and improving digestion as well. Lemons […] More

  • As adult acne can be VERY confusing, we'll let a skin doctor tell us the truth. #acnefacemask #acnetreatment #acneremedies

    14 Acne Myths You Need to Stop Believing

    As a teenager, if you lived with acne, you likely heard a wide range of advice regarding why you developed skin break out and how you should cure it. “You eat such a large number of potato chips!” “You don’t wash your face enough!” “Eat less chocolate!” The truth of the matter is that a […] More

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    Understanding the Impact of Diabetes on the Human Body

    The term diabetes is widely associated with abnormally high blood sugar levels, and despite the prevalence and association between these two ailments, blood sugar continues to be the most widely neglected component of human health. You see, when blood sugar levels continue to soar unchecked for a considerable duration of time, it leads to the […] More

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