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  • Green Smoothie Recipe
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    Healthiest Green Smoothie Recipe for Weight Loss

    This green smoothie is one of the healthiest breakfast smoothie for weight loss, made with the best ingredients is known to fight belly fat. This smoothie recipe is also known as “Green rainbow smoothie bowl”. Everyone must try this tasty and healthiest breakfast smoothie bowl, pairing healthy fruit with nutritious avocado, spinach, blueberries, strawberries and […] More

  • Porridge Bowl Recipe
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    Healthy Porridge Bowl

    Eating Porridge in the Breakfast is very healthy habit because it is a beneficial approach to start the day with healthy ingredients. Some top nutritionist recommends to start the day with this satisfying bowl of healthy ingredients like oats, banana, berries and seeds. Porridge bowl is very healthy and filled with nutrients to fuel body […] More

  • This this Beetroot Apple and Ginger Smoothie Recipe to boost heart health naturally.

    Beetroot and Ginger Smoothie to Boost Heart Health

    This beetroot, ginger, apple and blueberries smoothie is best to boot the cardiovascular and heart health. We ask to some top nutritionists about the benefits of beetroot and ginger, they recommend this smoothie recipe for the people who are facing heart related issues. Start your day with this heart helper smoothie. Just add beetroot, ginger, […] More

  • Pineapple Minty Smoothie

    Pineapple, Spinach & Mint Smoothie

    This easy to make smoothie recipe acquires its energetic green color from spinach and mint. This green smoothie includes all healthy ingredients like pineapple, mint, spinach, linseed, oats, cashew nuts and lime juice. This is very healthy smoothie and good for vegetarian. Preparation Time: 10 MinutesVery easy to madeServes: 2 Person INGREDIENTS Pineapple: 200g, peeled, […] More

  • Raspberries and Apple Smoothie

    Apple and Raspberry Smoothie

    Apple and raspberry, both are my beloved fruits. These fruit gives you lots of benefits when you eat in breakfast or combine them in a blender to make a smoothie. So why you are waiting? Prepare a morning smoothie with apple, yogurt, oats and raspberries. It’s an incredible approach to begin the day and up […] More

  • Turmeric Banana Smoothie

    Turmeric Breakfast Smoothie Bowl

    Turmeric smoothie bowl is one of my favorite choice for a healthy breakfast. It is packed of warming and beneficial ingredients, this creamy and buttery breakfast bowl can be prepared in less than ten minutes. Preparation Time: 10 Minutes Very easy to made Serves: 2 Person INGREDIENT 2 tsp ground turmeric, and 10cm / 4in […] More

  • DIY Chicken Alfredo Pasta

    Chicken Alfredo Pasta Recipe

    Chicken Alfredo Pasta is an Italian dish named after the chef “Alfredo”. Since its invention to the world in Italy back in 1914, Alfredo pasta has took the hearts and taste buds of food lovers all around the world. And without a doubt, it is famous in every country. Alfredo pasta has its own fan […] More

  • DIY Macaroni Salad Recipe

    Macaroni Salad Recipe

    Macaroni salad is a creamy salad which is a kind of Pasta salad. It is an American side dish served with stakes or fried chickens or barbeque. It is cooked in different forms in different countries. Philippines served as a dessert by adding sweet and fruits into it. Generally, it is packed with elbow macaroni’s, […] More

  • DIY Chocolate Brownie Recipe

    Chocolate Brownie Recipe

    Chocolate Brownie is an American Dessert rich in chocolate. As the name indicates, it is small, chocolaty and baked brown cake. From kids to adults, everyone loves chocolate brownies. It tastes like a mixture of cake and chocolate cookie. Unlike other cakes, it is baked without adding baking powder which makes it a thicker. It […] More

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    Top 25 Packaged Snacks for Diabetics

    It’s downward depressing to not intake sugar being a diabetic patient, but the good thing is, there are a lot of dietitians approved snacks worldwide. Getting this craving done using natural foods like a banana is okay, but sometimes it is more than this and body demands to have some more flavorful snack food like […] More

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