10 Body Organs You Can Live Without

Yes, that is absolutely right. Even though we believe that all our organs are incredibly important, there are certain internal organs that we can survive without.

Have you ever wondered the kind of life you will lead if your stomach is removed, or your kidneys for that matter? It may seem perplexingly unbelievable for every single organ in our body performs an essential function, such as the brain controls all our movements and thoughts, the lungs aid us in breathing and our kidneys filter and purify our blood.

So this begs the questions, which one of our internal organs is the most essential, and which organ will make survival impossible in its absence?

Research reveals that there are certain organs that do not threaten our health when removed, while certain organs harm certain bodily processes, and then there are the most essential organs, without which the body simply cannot survive. There are countless chronic ailments, such as heart diseases or cancers, which deprive us of certain organs, forcing us to survive without their assistance.

Here are 10 human body organs you can survive without and the complications that occur after their removal. #humanorgans #healthproblems
Credit: Health Insider

In this article, we will introduce you to all the organs you can survive without and the complications that occur after their removal.

Here, take a look:

1. Lung

We all have a pair of two lungs in our body, and should one of our lungs stop working due to an ailment or an unhealthy lifestyle, our other lung will expand itself to fulfill the capacity of the missing lung.

Naturally, people who have one lung instead of two tend to experience some differences in their breathing capacities and styles. Therefore, patients with one lungs are often advised not to strain themselves with gruelling and tough exercise routines.

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2. Appendix

The appendix is a tube-like vestigial organ tucked away near the large intestine. Over time, with the evolution of modern science, the appendix began to lose its importance for it seems to perform very ambiguous and unclear purpose within the human body.

People often tend to suffer extreme pain due to a swollen appendix, after which doctors perform a surgery to remove this seemingly unnecessary organ. Patients who have their appendix removed are not affected by the lack of this organ in any way or form.

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  2. I think this article is very deceptive? WHY would you want to live without them???? Just because ‘medical science’ has deemed them ‘unnecessary’ doesn’t mean they are.

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