10 Body Organs You Can Live Without

5. Spleen

The spleen is an organ within our immune system, and it is responsible for screening our blood to detect signs of contamination, along with clearing up the blood within old red blood cells.

When a person is suffering from cancer or other immunological ailments, he/she may have to get their spleen surgically removed. In such an instance, other organs, for instance the liver, will have to take up the task of checking the blood for contamination.

Now, even though it is entirely possible to live without having a spleen, its absence will make a person much more likely to develop infections and allergies. Therefore, doctors will prescribe regular vaccines to protect this individual against several risky viruses and infections.

Enlarged Spleen and Back Pain

6. Reproductive Organs

Our reproductive organs are vital for giving birth and enjoying the pleasures of sex, however, their existence is not that essential for survival, or even leading a normal and healthy life for that matter.

Individuals who get their reproductive organs surgically removed go on live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. In fact, women who get their uteruses removed but have healthy and intact ovaries can also donate their eggs for surrogacy.

Reproductive System Diseases


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  2. I think this article is very deceptive? WHY would you want to live without them???? Just because ‘medical science’ has deemed them ‘unnecessary’ doesn’t mean they are.

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