10 Body Organs You Can Live Without

7. Kidney

We possess a pair of two kidneys, which are basically tiny bean-shaped organs that perform the job of a filter that cleans our blood of all impurities and toxics. Not all individuals tend to have two kidneys at birth, and others tend to lose their kidneys due to a chronic ailment.

People even donate one of their kidneys to those who are in need because it is very easy to lead a healthy and normal life without one kidney.

Experts even believe that an individual can live without having no kidneys whatsoever, however, this can make the individual dependent upon regular dialysis sessions, which is basically a process that cleans our blood free of all impurities using a machine.

Kidney Anatomy and Physiology

8. Liver

The liver is one of the most important and incredible organs, for it has the ability to rebuilt its strength even after hitting rock bottom. You see, the liver has an incredibly strong ability to trigger its own regrowth, which is why it is a common practice for doctors to take a chunk of a healthy liver and transplant it into the liver of an ailing patient. After a certain period of time, both these individuals will have a fully regrown liver in their bodies.

Pay Attention, the next two organs on our list are the two most essential and indispensable organs within the human body:

How Long Can You Live without A Liver Transplant


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  2. I think this article is very deceptive? WHY would you want to live without them???? Just because ‘medical science’ has deemed them ‘unnecessary’ doesn’t mean they are.

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