10 Body Organs You Can Live Without

9. Heart Valves

Modern science is yet to find a way to replace the human heart, and allow a person to live without this crucial blood-pumping organ. However, research has led to the discovery of artificial valves, which are used to replace the heart valves that tend to get damage after certain heart diseases, or an episode of heart attack.

These artificial valves then take up the responsibility of pushing the blood throughout the body. In most common cases, doctors even use the heart valves obtained from deceased human beings, or pigs. This discovery of artificial valves has proved to be incredibly beneficial in treating children who are born without any heart valves.

Heart Valve Replacement Recovery Complications

10. Half a Brain

The human brain is undoubtedly the most essential organ of the body, for it controls all the other organs. However, even though most people that if the brain fails one is likely to die, it doesn’t always have to be the case. Yes, indeed the brain controls all of our bodily functions, but the individuals who experience seizures are required to undergo a hemispherectomy, in order to remove one hemisphere of their brain.

Interestingly enough, the children who undergo hemispherectomy have a complete chance of recovering from the surgery, and living a fulfilling and healthy life. However, the adults who undergone this surgery tend to face grave long-term consequences. If the right half of the brain is removed, an individual will never be capable of making use of their left eye or left arm.

It is essential to understand that losing any of these organs puts an individual at a stage where he/she is no longer living but rather, surviving. In order to lead a wholesome, fulfilling and active life, our body requires all our organs, that too in a healthy and strong state.

You Can Survive Without Half A Brain

Therefore, it is important that we appreciate and nurture all our internal and external body organs for all the functions they perform in keeping us healthy. And we must consume all the essential nutrients through a well-balanced diet in order to keep our body healthy and strong.


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  2. I think this article is very deceptive? WHY would you want to live without them???? Just because ‘medical science’ has deemed them ‘unnecessary’ doesn’t mean they are.

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