10 Healthy Foods to Boost Your Mood


Vegetables should be added into your daily diet. They are very healthy, both for the mind and body. You should eat lots and lots of vegetables. They are dense in fibre.

Research has shown that just like fruits, consumption of vegetables also reduces the chances of depression.

The more vegetables you eat, less prone you are to suffer from depression. We never think of eating a carrot when we are feeling down but it is one of the best mood boosters. It has lots of minerals, vitamins and fibre. They protect against depression. At least two to three cups of vegetables should be taken daily.

Good Diet Fruits and Vegetables


Researches have shown that diet plays an important role in maintaining the good gut bacteria.

Eating healthy food will result in maintaining intestinal micro biota, which influences the behaviour too. The more its levels are balanced in our body, the more good we are supposed to feel.

Some of the fermented foods are kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha and certain types of yogurt. They are a good source of live bacteria called probiotics.

How much sauerkraut to eat daily for probiotics


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  1. This is an interesting teaching about healthy foods and am going into action for vegetables n d nuts to stop this depression all the time thank u.

  2. Your advise regarding healthy
    Foods for energy and as well as for depression are useful and good for healthy & longevity .
    Thanks a lot.

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