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10 Low Calorie Foods That Can Speed Up Weight Loss

3. Salads

Salads are always the best staple to star your meal for they pack up the lowest concentration of calories and the richest concentration of fat-burning nutrients. You don’t always have to restrict yourself to boring and leafy salads, instead, mix them up with green and colourful veggies, such as bok choy, celery, broccoli, spinach, zucchini, kale and arugula.

Bok choy is one of the tastiest and most satisfying leafy green veggies, and it packs up one of the richest concentrations of antioxidants and vitamin C. Moreover, it doesn’t contain the earthly acridity that is found in spinach. You just have to steam it a little, and you can enjoy a scrumptious treat of gently wilted bok choy.

Be sure to load up your salads with cucumbers and tomatoes, especially cucumbers for they have one of the highest concentrations of water, which gives them an incredibly low calorie count. Also, when making a salad, the trick is to keep a healthy base, and avoid adding up calorie-rich dressings, salt and sugar.

You can always pick out healthy dressings, like hummus, tahini, tamarind juice, mustard, yogurt or even lime juice.

If I Eat Salad Will I Lose Weight

4. Oatmeal

Much like the waist-slimming chia seeds, oatmeal is a powerful superfood that packs up a lot of water, along with a potently effective fiber concentration. Fiber consumption is a spectacularly effective weight loss nutrient as it curbs the appetite, promotes satiation and eliminates those untimely cravings that force you to head towards the wending machines.

Moreover, oatmeal doesn’t pack up excessive calories, which makes it the perfect power meal to start your day.

Oats Constipation


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