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10 Safe and Effective Cures for Constipation

4. Avoid Food That Causes Constipation

Always take fibrous food and avoid to take high protein food such as red meat and eggs because these types of foods also cause constipation.

Also avoid food that are rich in sugar to avoid constipation.

5. Stay Away From Caffeine and Alcohol

Beverages containing high content of caffeine and alcohol are highly restricted in constipation. These types of drinks causes dehydration which will results to constipation.

6. Take Castor Oil

Castor oil is most effective remedy in constipation because it works as a laxative. It is not good in taste but it works really fast and helps to relief from constipation.

7. Almond Milk

Another useful tip is to take almond oil in some hot milk. It also helps to stimulate intestines and your digestive system work properly.


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  1. Cu tezultate exceptionale am recomandat pacientilor prunele si perele .Prune uscate 10 se pun in 300ml apa si seara se aduc pina la temperatura de fierbere .Se lasa peste noapte ,iar dimineata pe stomacul gol se maninca prunele si se bea apa in care au stat .Rezultat exceptional garantat .

  2. i m 50+ years suffring from piles. as i have costipation very old. is that because of drugs of BP. I dont know but suffring frm piles.

    my constipation is old on which resulted the pile

    hard stool with strenghth

    how to come over my constipation

    pls pls pls

  3. What are the food, vegetables, fruits that you will advise for relief from constipation for a person of 66yrs. age…??? Can he take milk daily…???

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