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10 Safe and Effective Cures for Constipation

8. Guava Fruit

Fruit like guava is also very helpful in constipation. It is very rich in fiber and helps the passage of food in stomach.

9. Exercise

Constipation also causes due to stress and lack of exercise. So we should take proper exercise to keep our body work normally or at least we should walk on daily basis for 15 min to coop out with this situation.

10. Isapghol Husk

One of the major effective remedy is to use ispaghol husk which is used to treat constipation and other digestive problems. It is advised to take it in warm milk at night before going to bed and it works as a laxative.


Constipation is not such a big problem if it is diagnosed earlier. The cure of constipation is necessary if problem resist than it leads us to problems like fisher, inguinal hernia which may tends to some medical surgery.

Constipation is an entirely curable and manageable if you take proper medication or any herbal home remedy. Home remedies are very effective in constipation. It is also cured by the food we eat usually the food that contain fiber in it. Also a healthy lifestyle impact on it, if we do exercise on regular basis or walk for half an hour it will regulate all our body functions properly and helps in better digestion which is a key to it. This will make feel you fresh and stress free.

Take more of the juices, fruits and vegetables and lessen the intake of alcoholic and caffeine beverages. Above all you should keep some of these home remedies in mind and you will be feeling fresh and your abdomen free from constipation and enjoy a happy morning.


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  1. Cu tezultate exceptionale am recomandat pacientilor prunele si perele .Prune uscate 10 se pun in 300ml apa si seara se aduc pina la temperatura de fierbere .Se lasa peste noapte ,iar dimineata pe stomacul gol se maninca prunele si se bea apa in care au stat .Rezultat exceptional garantat .

  2. i m 50+ years suffring from piles. as i have costipation very old. is that because of drugs of BP. I dont know but suffring frm piles.

    my constipation is old on which resulted the pile

    hard stool with strenghth

    how to come over my constipation

    pls pls pls

  3. What are the food, vegetables, fruits that you will advise for relief from constipation for a person of 66yrs. age…??? Can he take milk daily…???

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