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10 Surprising Flat-Belly Foods

Transfer from fat belly to flat belly is not an easy process. People use or try home remedies, exercise, follow diet plan for the transformation. The people with flat belly are usually avoided to continue their social life because they feel uncomfortable while going out. They wear loose dresses. Avoid eating fat containing food.

Other reasons behind fat belly will abdominal bloating. The swelling or stiffness of belly is due to some biological conditions like dyspepsia, constipation, acidity, excess of water in tummy. The other medical issue is intestinal gas. Mostly people suffer from heart disease and liver problem face flat belly problems.

Looking to flatten your belly? Read on to learn about 10 flat-belly foods to get you the lean midsection you're looking for. #weightloss #healthyeating #flattummydiet
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Credit: Health Insider

Hookworms infection, stomach cancer, excessive weight, cystic fibrosis are the major factor which contribute in the transference of flat belly into fat belly. Following 10 foods will help you to get flat belly.

1. Salmon

Some people really like seafood but because of the bloating or fat belly, they avoid eating it. Fishes carries omega3. Omega3 is the major item that stops the fat belly cells to grow. Salmon is highly enriched with vitamin D and omega3.

Wild salmon is far much better than farmed salmon. The wild salmon carries four times more vitamin D than other salmon. The people who are suffering from stomach issues, fat belly and bloating the fat cells due to excessive production of vitamin D their belly became fat.

Salmon control the vitamin D in the body. Omega 3 is best for burning your fats. It does not store the fats in your body.

2. Bananas

Take banana in breakfast will help the fat belly people to convert into flat belly. There is a wrong myth about banana like the one it contributes in gaining weight, fat belly or bloating. In reality, it is very wrong. People take banana diet to lose their weight in minimal time.

Banana carries potassium that helps the human body in digestion of food. It also helps in transportation of food through gastrointestinal tract. The belly inflammation can settle down by using banana.

Banana has the ability to dissolve fibers into chunks to make easy for the stomach to convert into energy. The food item that carries potassium filled with water, diuretic and easily dissolves the fibers. Other natural food items like potato, tomato, green vegetables are essential to prevent from bloating and flat belly.

3. Cucumbers

The natural vegetables and fruits carry different substances that are healthy for human beings in many ways. Cucumbers are the natural food item that carries only 45 calories. People with fat belly can easily use in their food. They do not have to worry about the weight.

Cucumber contain maximum amount of water. Because of this people use it in detoxify water. When you take cucumber along with food and water, it activates its pro inflammation enzymes to digest the food. It also helps in easy transportation of food through gastrointestinal tract to the stomach.

It helps you in removing dark circle under the eye. It also contributes in glow your skin in summer season specially. Doctors or nutritionists suggest adding cucumber in everyday diet in form of salad or taking it with anything. It keeps your body hydrated.

4. Olive Oil

The contribution of olive oil in flat belly is to block the genes that cause belly inflammation. Olive oil dissolves vitamin A, D, E, and K. A research shows about the benefits of olive oil like stops the increasing of cholesterol level. The cholesterol in human body cause belly fat.

In a day 20-25 % calories store in our belly. With the passage of time by using highly oily things deposited their fats at belly. Later on in old age people suffering from diabetes, cholesterol issues, sugar, and heart diseases.

One tablespoon of olive oil carries 120 calories. Olive oil is made of mono saturated fatty acid, which cut down the effects of different issues.

5. Asparagus

A green vegetable carries low calories. However, asparagus is included in this category. It also carries low calories than other vegetables. It is known as the superstar in vegetable family.

It activates the good bacteria, which are probiotics. These probiotics bacteria activates when the food from gastrointestinal tract pass on for further functioning. These bacteria are helpful in prevention of gas after digestion of food in the stomach. These gases cause bloating. It also helps in digestion by activating its soluble or insoluble fibers.

Fat belly turned into flat belly by using such ingredients on daily basis.

6. Whole Grains

People usually avoid grains when they are getting fat. However, American researches shows that people who eat grains can easily cut down their abdominal weight rather than who do not eat.

Use the products that carry whole grain. It shrinks the cells of abdomen and cannot let them to expand. In case the cells starts growing this will cause bloating or fat belly.

The nutritionist in USA suggest adult about taking 179 grams of whole grain in a day to keep your body healthy. 179 grams equals to six ounces per day. The items included in whole grain category are popcorns, oats, brown rice, and millet.

7. Eggs

According to a research conducted by American nutritionist says that eating egg daily is a healthy diet practice. An egg carries vitamin D, and B-12. Eggs breakdown the egg cells to protect the body against fat metabolism activity. At breakfast; people who egg eats were prevent their selves against the over eating. It is a misguidance of people who think about the fat belly is use to intake of eggs daily.

Eggs provide you energy to stay healthy. It also helps in dieting. Daily intake of eggs makes our tummy cells trimmed to cancel the cell inflammation.

People who are afraid of eating egg because it cause cancer, heart attack or cholesterol problem are now feel free to eat egg because it is safe to eat eggs.

8. Greek Yogurt

From ancient time, people use dairy products for maintaining good health. Yogurt carries bacteria, which are known as helping bacteria. Their major function is to compensate the gastrointestinal tract to digest the food easily. It also protects the stomach from the production of gases.

The Greek yogurt carries hormonal cortisol than normal yogurt. The normal yogurt carries 20% less calcium than the Greek yogurt. It carries less lactose than normal yogurt. It is helpful for cancellation of negative effect of different acids.

The major important point about Greek yogurt is it carries 2 percent more protein covering than normal one. This feature makes it different because it helps to control weigh and bloating in human body.

9. Fennel Seeds

If you want to present your food with pleasant smell use fennel seeds powder. It adds pleasant smell. The powder used in different cooking processes. It belongs to the herbal family. Herbal family contribute in maintain healthy activates of life and body weight.

It has two forms and these forms can easily available in different stores. The dried seeds powder is use in daily meal. It carries potassium, calcium and other essential ingredients. This ingredient keeps your body fit and belly flat. The belly fat cells controlled by fennel seeds. The cell of the belly, stop their growth and productivity.

Doctors recommended these seeds to those who are suffering from gas issues. Daily in the morning time only take one tablespoon and chew it. It will help your stomach healthy.

10. Water

Water is the natural source which is use to prevent the human body from constipation, dehydration, stomach issues. To keep away our body from Bloating usually people use water. Another important feature of water is the smoothly movement of food like fibers from the gastrointestinal tract of the human body. The highly contain acidic food, water cancel the harmful effect of such items.

According to the medical research, doctors recommended eight glasses of water in a day. The quantity of more or less depends upon the circumstances, situations and the surrounding where the human is living. Rachel Begun suggest different quantity for both gender. For woman’s it is like 11.2 and for males, it is like 15.2 glasses per day. Intake of water usually purifies your blood, urine, and starts contributing in glowing your skin.

The urine color truly defines the sufficient amount of water human take. Some researches disagree with the theory of intake of water in excessive amount. They think the fat belly is due to water intake. They suggest opposite theory about like limit the use of water. Only drink water to satisfy your desire or thirst. The excessive intake can cause fat belly. Use normal water rather than chilled one. Use green tea, along with water squeeze a lemon, and use to flat the belly in minimum time.

With the passage of time, people use oily things. Replace the natural food items with artificial and unpurified items. People prefer to eat junk food rather than food cook at homes. These are the some overt reasons behind the belly issues. Fat belly are common in men and women.

Majority of men having job like all day sitting on a chair. The food they eat deposited in their belly that cause bloating. Women’s after pregnancy difficult to maintain their body structure. Girls because they eat lot of junk good for them it is difficult to control their diet.

Exercise is one of the factors to control the fat belly and convert into flat belly. Excessive use of water makes the stomach full. Use green tea along with lemon water. It will dissolve the fats deposited at belly. Use different vegetables for loosing belly fat.


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