10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Circadian Rhythm

As, we set our clock any hour back, thinking that we can achieve much by doing so, here is brief description that how it is going to affect you in the longer run. In winters, the shorter days and longer nights turn some people blue. Similarly; by turning the clock ahead in the spring season can be a great mess for your circadian rhythm.

Every human body operates around 24 hours in a specific pattern. So many cycles and operations are taking place inside a human body that even a 60 minutes change can cause a great disturbance in them. The inner biological clock works with hundreds of cellular functions happening inside the body. If we consider all cellular, physiological and molecular processes inside the body as an orchestra, while the circadian clock can be key to all other processes like hormone changes, body temperature, metabolism.

1. An hour can make a great deal

Everything in this world works in a proper pattern and if you try changing a single thing out of it each other things will be affected cause of that single change. In the same way, if you set the clock an hour before or after it will really set you into the zombie world for all the other next day. Most of the time our body can digest this one hour but sometimes it will be a great deal.

Yes, even an hour can throw you off

2. Jet Lag

One of the major example for circadian rhythm is that when you travel for several hours over seas and your body both mentally and physically is being disturbed. The reason that a person experiences the jet lag while traveling; because your body is working according to its daily cycle and suddenly something is added into it.

According to one of the great doctor Zee, he explains that “Sometimes you are wide awake in the middle of the night and other time you want to sleep afternoon “this all is because of the rhythm cycle. You can also prevent yourself from jet lag by planning a proper sleep before and after the traveling hours.

Which explains why jet lag messes with us


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