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Top 11 Anti-Aging Foods + How to Get Them in Your Diet

10. Maca

Skin disorders are mostly because of the hormonal imbalance including progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone. Maca optimizes these hormones.

As per the recent study, maca leaf extract was applied on the rat’s skin and it successfully prevented them from sunburn and irradiation effects.

In South America, sexual dysfunction is overcome by using maca root that prevents osteoporosis, helps to minimize the menopausal conditions and enhances fertility by balancing these hormones.

Maca for Aging Skin
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11. Figs

Figs contain many vitamins, minerals, skin essential antioxidants, omega fatty acids, flavonoids and many polyphenols that help to combat hepatic, neurodegenerative issues, boast big skin smoothing and anti-aging effects.

Benefits of Figs for Skin
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Aging is an inevitable process that occurs earlier or later in your life as per your lifestyle and eating habits. There are a lot of expensive supplements and medicines available in the marketplace to combat this aging issue, but they are not that much effective as the daily routine and the involvement of diet is.

Adding a diet full of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties may insert the health effects in delaying this aging process by keeping your skin young and fresh.

There are a lot of foods including turmeric, maca, salmon, chaga mushrooms, figs, nut, blueberries, and many others, that are strictly participating to overcome this issue but one should make this thing sure that they should be taken on regular basis and in moderate amount as per the calories requirement of the body.


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