11 Best Foods to Boost Your Brain and Memory

When the exam season is just around the corner, we all look around for easy tricks and trips that might make us study better and help us perform amazingly well in our exams. Did you know that there are several ways of enhancing your focus and boosting your memory as you work your way through piles and piles of syllabus?

If you’re a procrastinator and easily-distracted person, learning and cramming is likely to make you lose your focus and if you also have a short attention-span, you’re probably bored to death of all the tedious note-taking and memorizing. Don’t worry, we have a plan for you!

Researchers believe that there are certain foods that can help enhance the health of the brain to improve our focus, increase our attention spans, boost concentration, enhance memory and bring improvements in the overall health of the brain. So, are you ready to eat your way towards improved grades?

We have picked out 11 brain-healthy foods that are extremely beneficial for both, the mind and the body. #brainfood #brainhealth
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Credit: Health Insider

We’ve picked out 11 brain-healthy foods that are extremely beneficial for both, the mind and the body. It’s the perfect blend of all your favorite treats, including dark chocolate, berries and lots more.

Here, take a look:

1. Walnuts

Research reveals that brain-resembling walnuts are extremely essential to enhance the cognitive health of the brain. You see, these dried fruit delights pack up an extraordinarily high density of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that enhance mental health, making us more alert and active.

Moreover, walnuts are also packed with vitamin E, which aids in preventing the horrid symptoms of the Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Dark Chocolate

Deliciously decadent dark chocolate is immensely beneficial to boost the health of the brain as it is loaded with brain-enhancing compounds, known as flavonoids, along with being loaded with countless antioxidants and caffeine. You see, all these naturally-occurring compounds found in dark chocolate aid in enhancing memory, increasing the attention span, boosting focus, and improving the problem-solving skills by enhancing the blood flow received by the brain.

Moreover, regular and mindful consumption of dark chocolate also aids in preventing or slowing down the symptoms of mental decline caused by aging, along with eliminating stress and anxiety.

3. Salmon

Are you a hardcore seafood lover, particularly fish? Here’s some good news for your taste buds: salmon happens to be one of the most beneficial and nutritious foods for the human brain. It is loaded with incredibly high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, which aid in maintaining smooth functioning of the brain, enhancing the memory and sharpening focus. It makes the perfect meal to devour before an exam.

4. Spinach

This savoury leafy green vegetables is one of the richest natural sources of iron, which aids in slowing down the ageing process of the brain and enhancing cognitive abilities.

Spinach is extremely beneficial at enhancing our abilities to focus and concentrate, while its rich density of vitamin B and folate aid in improving cognitive functioning and boosting the overall health of the brain.

5. Green Tea

Green tea is celebrated for providing countless health benefits and potent concentrations of healing nutrients. It is not only beneficial for aiding with weight loss, but also, it aids in enhancing the focus and alertness of the brain.

Research reveals that since green tea contains tiny amount of caffeine, it aids in boosting alertness and concentration. Moreover, regular consumption can directly improve the working memory, along with preventing the damaging proteins in Alzheimer’s disease that trigger loss of memory.

With these 10 nutrient-packed foods in your daily diet, your memory, focus and concentration are guaranteed to be sharp and enhanced for the exam season.

6. Broccoli

You might not be a big fan of this juicy vegetable, but don’t discard it from your daily diet because it is one of nature’ most beneficial and nutritious brain-healthy foods.

Broccoli is loaded with fiber, iron, calcium and beta-carotene, along with vitamins B, C and K. Since it is incredibly rich in vitamin K and choline, it is highly effective at sharpening the memory and enhancing focus.

8. Blueberries

Blueberries are one of the richest sources of antioxidants, along with packing up incredibly high concentrations of vitamins C and K, and being loaded with fiber.

Researchers believe that since they pack up incredibly high densities of gallic acid, the consumption of blueberries is effective at shielding our brain against the threat of degeneration, along with protecting it against stress.

These deliciously sweet treats also aid in enhancing memory, boosting the functioning of the brain and enhancing the motor function.

9. Almonds

Almonds are loaded with high densities of essential minerals and vitamins, including calcium, potassium, magnesium and vitamins B and E, along with countless healthy fats.

Moreover, they are a terrific source of lean protein, which allows them to help the body in repairing brain cells, boosting memory, enhancing focus and improving overall cognitive health of the brain.

10. Egg Yolk

If you love your eggs, you’re lucky, because eggs are amazingly effective at sharpening the memory.

Researchers reveal that egg yolks are loaded with incredibly rich concentrations of choline, an essential nutrient that aids the brain with several integral functions.

Moreover, egg yolks are also rich in vitamin B-12, which aids in enhancing mental health by regulating brain functioning, along with improving cognitive activities and enhancing the overall health of the nervous system.

11. Turmeric

This ancient Indian spice has been celebrated for its potent healing powers for centuries. Modern science also highly regards turmeric for its powerful anti-inflammatory profile. It aids in enhancing the antioxidant levels of the body, and boosting the health of immune system.

Moreover, it also aids in improving the oxygen consumption of the brain, which aids in processing information and keeping the body more focused and alert.


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