11 Best Foods to Boost Your Brain and Memory

When the exam season is just around the corner, we all look around for easy tricks and trips that might make us study better and help us perform amazingly well in our exams. Did you know that there are several ways of enhancing your focus and boosting your memory as you work your way through piles and piles of syllabus?

If you’re a procrastinator and easily-distracted person, learning and cramming is likely to make you lose your focus and if you also have a short attention-span, you’re probably bored to death of all the tedious note-taking and memorizing. Don’t worry, we have a plan for you!

Researchers believe that there are certain foods that can help enhance the health of the brain to improve our focus, increase our attention spans, boost concentration, enhance memory and bring improvements in the overall health of the brain. So, are you ready to eat your way towards improved grades?

We have picked out 11 brain-healthy foods that are extremely beneficial for both, the mind and the body. #brainfood #brainhealth
Credit: Health Insider

We’ve picked out 11 brain-healthy foods that are extremely beneficial for both, the mind and the body. It’s the perfect blend of all your favorite treats, including dark chocolate, berries and lots more.

Here, take a look:

1. Walnuts

Research reveals that brain-resembling walnuts are extremely essential to enhance the cognitive health of the brain. You see, these dried fruit delights pack up an extraordinarily high density of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that enhance mental health, making us more alert and active.

Moreover, walnuts are also packed with vitamin E, which aids in preventing the horrid symptoms of the Alzheimer’s disease.

Nuts Like Walnuts


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  1. Thank you giving such nice and brief summary for improving the brain and memory quality, if salmon fish cannot eat can he eat other fish instead because a brother from England going for one year student exchange study he can get everything fresh but not salmon fish but others he can get it advice me thank you. Muhammad Hanif

  2. good information – i am 55 and seeing signs of unfocused brain – & slight memory loss (asking my children the names of that rap song they just told me the name of) {OK maybe its not at the top of the list with all the other things i need to remember} however this small article helps me when i cannot decide what to make for dinner – instead of the usual “chicken or pork chops & rice & broccoli” same ol same ol…..I am going to look up some new recipes that involve walnuts and salmon and spinach – thank you for the info

  3. This makes so much sense.There are different colors fruits different kinds of nuts…But they are all good and can be used to make different things to eat….I loved it and will share for sure….


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