11 Fascinating Facts About Your Body

Our body is more complicated than we may have thought it to be. In our everyday lives we don’t get to see much of these complexities but a deeper look makes it clear that our bodies are more fascinating than we realize.

Check out these 11 amazing facts about human body. #interestingfacts #interestingthings
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Here we discuss some of these fascinating facts which may include facts about the tiny organisms existing on our body to the large muscles that give our body strength.

1. Sweat it Out

Have you ever wondered why your sweat smells so much. Well, you may be amazed to find that the sweat itself doesn’t have an odor. Basically, whenever your body feels hot your mind sends signals to open the sweat glands to cool you.

The sweat flows out especially in areas of armpits, feet and even your private parts. As you sweat, the bacteria on your body gets mixed with the sweat and gives your sweat the odor associated with sweating.

Sweat Odor

2. Your Dark Under Belly

Your belly button is another area host to a lot of micro organisms. There are almost 2400 different kind of germs present in the average human’s belly button. But most of these are harmless.

3. Dirty Mouth

Our mouth is full of bacteria. And while this may sound gross and putt someone off from kissing again but the number of bacteria in the mouth is more than the population of the world. Brushing as well as flossing kills bacteria.

Moreover, around 2 liters of saliva are produced in our mouth each day and this does drone bacteria. In short, our mouth can never be said to be completely bacteria free.

Dirty Mouth

4. Face: The facts

Similar to our mouth our face is also host to tiny creatures. These creatures are the mites. These creatures have eight legs and while living on your face they mate, give eggs and hence give birth to new mites.

Our hair, eyelashes and even are eyes are places where these mites are the most abundant. Thankfully, you should not be worried about these mites existing on your skin but sometimes the excessive number does cause infections.

Most Common Skin Diseases

5. Go with the Gut

Our intestines are larger than most of us imagine them to be. The total length of is around 25 feet which is four times the length of the average person. The small intestine occupies the majority of this length which is 20 feet whereas the large intestine is only 5 feet it is more wider than the small intestine.

Your Gut

6. Under The Skin

While we may think that the male and female skeleton is the same the reality is quite the opposite. Male and female skeletons are different and distinguishable. The features that vary are those of the chin, the brow ridge and the forehead. Females have a pointed chin whereas males have a square chin.

The forehead in the male skeleton is more sloping where it is not as sloping in the female skeleton. Moreover the brow is larger in males and smaller in females. Another feature which distinguishes the female skeleton from the male skeleton is the wider hip are. The hip bone is wider because women have to undergo child birth.

Human Skeletal System

7. Seat of Power

The largest muscle in our body is Gluteus Maximus. This muscle is present in our behind. Each human body has two of these one for each of the buttocks. The muscle acts twofold: it acts as a cushion when we go into the sitting position and also it keeps your body upright when it is tight.

Tight Gluteus Medius Stretch

8. Dust to Dust

We all have to frequently clean the dust in our homes. While most of us think that this dust is caused by outside pollutants we might be very wrong. Seventy percent of the dust in your house is caused by the dead skin you shed off.

An average human being sheds a little more than half a kilogram of dead skin each year. This is more than 3 cups of sugar a year.

Dust Skin Allergy Symptoms

9. Tongue Lashing

The tongue muscles are one of the busiest muscles in the body. They are involved in three types of activities throughout the day and even at night.

In the day time, the tongue muscles are responsible for producing sound as well as in the eating process. In the day time when a person sleeps they are responsible for ensuring that the saliva produced goes down the throat

Moving Tongue

10. Bones Don’t Lie

Bones have tiny tubes inside them. These tubes blood vessels are called ostiones. You may have heard that you can tell the age of a tree by the rings in its stem. The same is true for ostiones in human bones. Young people have fewer and larger ostiones in their bones

Bone Health

11. Urine for Surprise

For some people urine may have a changed color and smell after consuming certain vegetables and this is normal. Some people see a reddish or ping ting in their urine after consuming beetroot.

Similarly urine may smell different after eating asparagus. Moreover this phenomena may run in families too.

Does Asparagus Clean Your Urine


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