11 Reasons to Stop Self Medication

Self-medication is a treatment of some common health issues that can be cured without any supervision of a doctor. These types of medicines are designed to give a treatment to health problems and are approved as safe for such health problem.

Self-medication is easy and less time consuming so people go for it for their certain health issues, because they find it difficult to take an appointment or go to a doctor.

Some people are very cautious of doing self-medication and they know every information about medicines, their dosage and how and for which problem this medication is used before taking a medicine. However, it is always advised to go to professionals, diagnose the disease and only used prescribed medicines.

Prevention of Self Medication
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Cautions of Taking Self-Medication

There are many reasons to stop self-medications, some of which are discussed below:-

1. Misdiagnoses

The main reason to stop self-medication is the inaccurate diagnosis. A doctor can better understand your problem and give you a correct medicine for your health issue.

If you do not go to the doctor, your problem increased and then it is difficult for a doctor to treat you later.

2. Addictions

The most common problem occurred with self-medication is that you may probably be addicted to some medicine.

By taking some medicine, habitually increase the tolerance and you become addicted to it like cough syrups and pain relievers.

3. Dosage Problems

Insufficient and incorrect dosage will not cure your disease but due to insufficient information about a drug or over-dosage may damage your liver, kidneys, other organs and results in other long-term complications.

4. Resistance

Self-medication provides resistance to any other drug. It may be possible that a simple infection which is treated by simple medicine can now be treated by new and more expensive medication.

5. Strokes

The most common self-medication is used to treat pain. Painkillers can affect the flow of blood and also increase the risk of strokes for the hypertensive patient.

6. Drug Interactions

Some drugs are taken combined for some diseases and they cause drug-to-drug interaction and harmful for your body and results in unexpected side effect.

However, the risk of drug interaction may be minimized by consulting a doctor before taking any new drug with other drugs.

7. Allergic Reactions

Allergic reaction of some medicine is common in some patients. All medicines have a potential to cause side effects which may vary from mild to severe reactions for a body.

8. Aggravation of Existing Chronic Conditions

Diabetic and heart patients are highly restricted to self-medication and they are at higher risk of reacting any medicine.

Self-medication for these type of patents increase or lowers the blood pressure level or drops the sugar level or cause risk of heart attack.

9. Ulcers

Inappropriate use of medicines increase the serious medical risks. Most of the painkillers cause painful ulcers by damaging the stomach lining.

10. Supplements are Not Always Safe

Supplements may, sometimes, also had a bad effect on your health. Most of the people think that vitamins are safe but supplements are not always safe. Over dosage of any multi-vitamin may lead to unpleasant consequences.

Excessive use of vitamins can cause vitamin poisoning.

11. Pregnancy

Self-medication by expected moms could badly affect the unborn child. The improper use of any drug can have serious complications because they have a potential to be beneficial or harmful if not taken properly.


By the end, self-medication is good to some extent but it is better to take consultation with the expertise before losing health and lot of money. Only use prescribed medicines because self-medication is always not good for your health conditions. These medications affect children and adults who have not much more will power.


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