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11 Reasons You’re Not Losing Belly Fat

Burning fats is a dream of every fitness-conscious person. Those who wants to remains younger, fit and healthy needs to watch out where their weight is going and which part of the body is storing most of the fats. Burning fats is a very challenging task. It needs high motivation and a lot of patience for the burning of fats from your body.

Efforts for fat burning never shows immediate results. It is a slow process which takes months even a year to see a visible effect. Thought provoking point is, when put you all your efforts and still not burning fats, then you are definitely on the wrong track. It may be frustrating and annoying that besides putting all the efforts to receive the desired results, nothing is achieved in actual.

If you're trying to lose belly fat but can't, there's probably a reason.
Credit: Health Insider

If you really want to lose fats, then you have to identify the factors which are causing hindrance in your weight loss. Avoid devastating mistakes, don’t push too hard to achieve and track the following points to make your body a fat burning machine:


Cardio activities and work out may sound great to lose fats but make sure that you are doing it in a right way. Cardio is also like yoga, which is extremely effective if it’s done with right postures whereas all your efforts are wasted, no matter how much time you give to it, if it’s done in its wrong way.

Long Cardio Workouts

So, it is recommended to do your cardio in a proper way because it is the ideal way to suck out fats from your body. It excellently shapes your body but if you think your cardio workout is not working in an efficient way then try to increase the duration of it. Because after a certain amount of workout, your body get immune to it and it demands more effort from your body. Therefore, less fats are burned in the same duration of workout. So, try to increase the duration gradually. It will also build your stamina. For most effective results, divide your cardio into intervals as it burns more calories in the same amount of time, which results in stimulation of more loss of fats, creation of metabolic effect on your body and increment of fat loss even after the hours of workout.


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