11 Things That Weaken Your Bones

Health of bones plays a vital role in keeping you healthy. But still many individuals do not pay attention to their bones due to which they face several health issues.

Certain foods are found to be good for your bones such as milk, fish, cod liver oil, and many more. Researchers have revealed that some eatables are also bad for bones’ health.

Osteoporosis of the Spine Treatment

Each and every individual must be aware of these eatables, so as to avoid consuming them. Now I am going to share all those things that must be avoided for making your bones healthy and stronger.

1. Excessive consumption of salt

Calcium is the essential nutrient for bones and salt is considered as a killer of calcium. It means the more salt you are consuming, the more calcium you are losing.

Foods such as breads, chips and cheeses are much high in salt content. You must avoid all those foods which have excessive salt. Try not to take more than 2300 milligrams of salt every day.

How much salt do you need a day

2. Being underweight

Underweight individuals are more prone to bone loss and fracture. You should do weight-bearing workouts if you are small-boned. Proper diet must be taken for getting average body weight.

Being Underweight and Bones Health


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    • Interesting that they mention “milk,” but only when consumed with wheat bran. In fact, commercial milk literally causes osteoporosis. It most certainly does not either “build strong bones” or “do a body good” as falsely advertised. Besides, even fresh, natural milk straight from an organic cow is unfit for human consumption after the age of 3. In other words, it’s healthier to NOT drink milk, regardless. Another interesting one is “soda,” which they only warn against the “over consumption” of it. News flash: ONE SODA is OVER CONSUMPTION of soda!

  1. Ok, Salt-taking need be limited. But, it is perhaps wrongly written in your web, as 2300 milligrams per day per person. It may be either 23 miligram or 2.3 miligram…! Pl. provide the correct amount amount, discussing with Dr. Nancy Thomus.

    Ruchi Sharma

  2. Excellent effort on your part for conveying very precious information regarding bones which are very important in living healthy life.

  3. Very useful tips for me, thanks for giving me such important information. I use 7/8 cups of tea daily. Now I will try to minimise after reading your page.

  4. You really care about Prevention…So I began on a good probiotic and I feel the $30.00 was a good investment.All the excellent info on reminding me,those omeprazoles,etc also deplete our bone health (strength).The change in my good choice is expensive,verses what I used to eat,but I knew I was,we all are,worth eating what our body wants and needs.Great information, reminders!

  5. Recently I had a bad car accident and broke my pelvic with my leg bone for here on in
    Only healthy good yummy eats
    So I won’t be Frankenstein’s bride

  6. The information that I received about health benefits are very useful to me. Things that you can do to produce a healthier body, I needed to know. Thank you

  7. I have benefited alot by these healthy lessons…I now know to maintain my body properly…congratulations. ..

  8. Your advice is irreplaceable thank you so much I wake up every morning and find all your great tips and sharing with my family.

  9. Wonderful suggestions. Each of the 11 reasons is pretty well explained. Sunlight and walking are as important as food for the body. Thank you for bringing them to our notice.

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