12 Best Abs Workout — A 7-Minute, No-Equipment Core Workout

11. Hollow Body Hold

This exercise needs a strong finishing with an isometric hold.

Lie faceup with arms by sides and legs broadened straight. Connect with abs. Lift shoulder and keep your straight off the floor, holding lower back pressed into mat all through the whole work out (the closer your legs are to the floor, the more difficult this is).

Hold this posture for about full 30 seconds.

12. X-Up

Lie faceup with arms alongside to sides. Involve core and sit up while lifting right hand and left leg at the same time. Contact right fingertips to left toes.

Come back to the beginning position and continue moving the contrary hand and leg.

X-Up Core Workout
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Credit Image: Greatist

Try to perform each exercise for 30 seconds at least. Take rest while switching to another exercise. Work at your highest possible intensity. Try to perform 15-20 reps. do not get stress if you are slow in the beginning and have low rep count. Always remember quality over quantity. If you have enough time, try to repeat the circuit.


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