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13 Surprising Reasons to Drink Lemon Water Every Morning

Start a day with a glass of Lemon Water is very simple and amazingly healthy; it work as a body/stomach cleanser and has lots of benefits. You definitely get notice a difference in yourself when you are having a glass of lemon water first in the morning.

I have read from many resources that it is good to use with warm or hot water; by this way it is the healthier replacement of your Morning Tea. For good and healthy purposes my preference is to use lemon with filtered normal water. And remember never use lemon with chilled/very cold water because this can be harm your digestive system and throat.

Lemon Benefits and Side Effects
Credit: Health Insider

Always use real lemon juice for better result rather than concentrated lemon juice products as these contains preservatives which causes the negative effect and sometimes they are also harmful for health. Because they already lost their natural enzymes and vitamins in the manufacturing process; so use real lemons for getting the good result.

Simple Recipe of Lemon Water

  • Take one Lemon
  • Squeeze it in a glass and remove the seeds
  • Pour the normal filtered water; stir with spoon.
  • And enjoy the natural taste of fresh lemon water.

A glass of Lemon Water daily has many benefits for good health; some are listed below for your kind considerations. I am sure with this little effort you can enjoy a good healthy morning.

Why Drink Lemon Water?

1. A glass of Lemon Water daily first in the morning helps you to get cure from digestive problems; and it also helps to increase the digestion.

2. Lemons have special natural ingredients which helps to clean the kidney, liver and blood; and you feel yourself energetic throughout the day.

3. Lemon Water not only fulfill the requirement of necessary Vitamin C and it also provide the mineral to the body like calcium, Potassium and magnesium.

4. Lemon Water helps to boost the speed of the metabolic system; which really helpful in digestion of food.

5. First intake of Lemon Water in the morning helps to improve the digestive system which prevent us from diarrhea and constipation; and make us healthy.

6. Lemon water is good source of Vitamin C which is also good for Skin improvement; besides of above it cleanse and detoxifying the whole body which is even more important.

7. Lemon juice includes the natural anti-cancer compounds and which helps for longer body life.

8. Daily intake of Lemon water helps to increases the functionality of liver which cause to produce more bile which helps in the digestion of fats.

9. Lemon water has antibacterial properties and it really help to cure the infections; specially if you have sore throat; make a cup of warm water; add some drops of lemon and drink; you can see the effect.

10. Lemon water helps to decrease the mucus amount from the body.

11. Lemon water also helps for weight loss purposes; those people who really want to get fit; make the Detox Water in which Lemon is the main ingredients; drink it daily throughout the day and see the result.

12. You feel fresh by intake of Lemon Water daily; it also helps to reduce the bad breath. This is natural antioxidant which also reduces the body odor throughout the day.

13. Lemon is also used to whiten the teeth.


There are many reasons to start the day with Fresh Lemon Water; some are mentioned above. It also have many health benefits; Lemon water in summer season restore the energy level; and also reduces the quench for thirst. It also helps in weight loss. Besides all it is the refreshing and power full drink for everyone.


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