14 Easy Fruit Carving Ideas for Beginners

Fruit carving has become the new craze! The art of food is really magical. The sculptures include melon, oranges, apple, pine-apple and a lot of variety of fruits. Especially since these carvings lighten up the atmosphere of a party or gathering.

This healthy activity can really attract the attention of many people including your beloved guests. Here are a few ways you can impress your visitors!

1. Watermelon Pirate Ship

A water melon pirate ship is a great way to add a charming effect to your pirate themed occasion. You will need a very tall water melon, some extra berries and grapes to give the effect of pirate treasure.

1. Use the pirate ship water melon to serve the fruit to your guests. Shave the tough outer skin of the melon making the bottom flat so it doesn’t roll. Avoid shaving too much you don’t want the inner red part coming out.

2. Draw a basic outline with a permanent marker then separate both the halves of the melon with a solid circular line.

3. Now cut the melon into two equal halves. Scoop out the red watermelon flesh with a melon baller, place the melon balls in a bowl, and refrigerate.

4. Cut four sails from the large pieces of rind you reserved from the watermelon top.

5. Cut the sails in the shape of a square with curves on two opposite sides to give the look of a sail blowing in the breeze.

6. Attach two sails with a bamboo stick and other two with a bamboo stick. Place the melon balls and grapes into ship and insert the sails. Hurrah! Your pirate ship is ready.

Watermelon Pirate Ship Carving Ideas

2. Melon Frog

A croaking frog something every kid would love to see!

1. Pick out a round melon and cut out the half-moon shaped piece from the melon. The melon will be left with an open mouth.

2. Make the eyes of the frog; make piercing a tooth pick through an olive and a little skin of the melon. Insert this into the top of the melon. Repeat the process for the other eye.

3. The depression in the melon is the mouth of the frog. Place small fruits like strawberries into the mouth.

4. Carve the webbed feet and hands out of the skin of the melon that you just took out. The frog is ready to hop!

Melon Frog Carving Ideas
Credit: Health Insider


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