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15 Everyday Habits to Boost Your Libido

There are certain people who have lost that playful lovemaking feeling, due to any reason. According to the researches, almost 15% of men and every third women lack is regular sex desires due to stress, anxiety, birth control pills, certain medications, and poor relationship. But that’s not something you can’t do anything about.

You can increase your libido and hiss back into your love life in your bed room. You just required simple changes in everyday life and this will work for you and your partner.

Here are 15 simple everyday habits to boost your libido. #libidoboost #thingstodo #everydayhabits
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Have a look 15 useful everyday habits that can help you enhance your libido.

1. Go on date nights with your partner

Your sex drive could get killed if you prefer to watch a movie in your room, in your sweatpants. All your focus will be on the movie and you might sleep while watching it. Ask your hubby to take you out on an old-fashioned date without kids and regenerate your romance that you used to have. By an old-fashioned date, I didn’t mean to go on grand 5-star hotel or something, you can go movies and dinner together.

Discuss how you both felt when you met first time and how beautiful your love is. If you cannot afford a nanny, ask your parents or some friends to take care of your kids for 2-3 hours while you have your dinner date alone to get back to your happy life.

Plan more date nights

2. Use some different Birth Control Pill

Birth control pills are the biggest culprits that cause severe hormonal changes that reduces your sex drives and gets your desire down to great extent. These pills reduces the production of testosterone in the body that results in decreased libido and some of them are linked pain during sexual activities.

Hormonal changes in the body may decrease your sex drives and they aren’t always due to birth control pills. You just need to know about your hormones. Breast feeding moms usually lack in estrogenic level due to prolactin, which is linked in reduced sex drive

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