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15 Everyday Habits to Boost Your Libido

3. Go for other medicines

Despite using birth control pills, if you are on doctor’s prescription for certain diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, depression, or acid reflux, they too can cause decreased sex drive.

Consider your changing habits, and if they are after you start taking those medicines than consult with your doctor and ask him to change your medicines with fewer side effects.

Birth Control Pills Safe

4. Divide household chores equally

90% of people are doing double jobs including working in the offices and being a parent or husband/wife. After having long tiring day at work, you have to get to home and do your other duties.

When kids go to sleep, divide your remaining house chores equally among you and your mate. Like, while cleaning dishes ask your husband to settle them on the rack etc. Dividing chores like this will divide the burden on each partner and you will feel lighter, happier and satisfied in your bedroom and out.

Weekly Household Chores

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