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15 Everyday Habits to Boost Your Libido

5. Set your room up for romance

I know it’s sometimes important for letting the kids crawl in your bed after they have had some nightmare or you like to cuddle with your pet at night. But it is more important to make your bed sexy and to invite your partner for making love. Just simply lock your door and don’t let the kids in at night. This is not cruel but this is what you and your mate need at that hour. This will take time to develop the habit but it will worth trying.

Make your bed sexy, putt some flowers at the side tables, lit some candles, and wear sext night gown to invite your partner for the ‘treat’.

Decorating a Hotel Room for a Romantic Night

6. Add sex to your to-dos list

We do make to dos list for our important everyday works like office meetings, appointments with doctors, get together with friends etc. But we don’t mention sex in that list. Why? That too is very important, right? Mentioning sex in your to dos list is quite romantic approach.

This will make you remember about sex all the time and you will have less excuse and will settle down all your chores before ‘your’ time.

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