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15 Everyday Habits to Boost Your Libido

9. Eat clean and healthy

Eating clean and heart healthy diet boosts the sex desires and produce heated desires. According to a study mentioned in sexual medicine journal, it was stated that in 50% of women, high cholesterol is linked with low sexual desire or difficulty in sexual arousal and orgasm. If there is high cholesterol levels in the arteries, it will disturb the blood circulation in the body, especially in pelvic area that reduces the genital sensations that makes it difficult to have orgasm.

Reduce your cholesterol levels by changing your eating habits. Include more fruits and veggies in your diet along with more fibrous foods, reduce dairy products and include low cholesterol foods in your diet.

10. Eat Aphrodisiacs

According to the nutritional and sexual experts, there are certain nutritional compounds and vitamins that helps in sexual arouse. Almonds, avocados, oysters and strawberries are few healthy foods that enhances the sexual desire among men and women.

11. Examine your relationship

Less sexual desire in the bedroom, is the main reason of more problems outside the bedroom. It could be some really minor issues that turns out to be huge problems like, “he left the tooth brush on the counter”, “he came home at 6, while I asked him to be here at 5:30” etc. These are the minor issues that affects the sex life like a lot. Some other issues like too much texting and not talking face to face. It doesn’t only needs professional help, but you have to examine your relationship thoroughly. If it doesn’t work, than you can consult your sex therapist.

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