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15 Everyday Habits to Boost Your Libido

12. Go for a hike together

Plan some outing go for a run together, go on hike, and plan some cooking seminar or any other combined hobby or interest. This will support your love, strengthen your emotional linking, and boosts your sexual desire.

According to the study mentioned in personality and social psychology journal, couples that plan new and thrilling/exciting activities together have higher satisfaction levels in their relations and that too increase sexual desires in them. Ask your mate to have some skydiving, biking, running or anything adventurous.

Hiking Vacations

13. Exercise often

Exercise reduces stress and anxiety and improves mood by releasing happy chemicals in the body that enhances higher self-esteem. This makes the couple drive more sexual desires and enhance their lovemaking abilities.

According to the recent studies, women, who are on antidepressants are more likely to experience low desires of sex. 30 minutes of sweat sessions, 4-5 days a week can leads to higher satisfaction.

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