15 Mind-Boggling Facts About The Human Body

Are you ready to explore some incredibly fascinating and mind-boggling facts about the human body?

Here, take a look at 15 amazing and intriguing facts about our bodies:

1. The human mouth is capable of generating around one liter saliva every single day!

2. Sometimes, the human brain is much more active while sleeping as compared to its activity while being awake.

Human Brain Facts
Credit: National Geographic

3. The word muscle is derived from a Latin word, which means “little mouse”, which is exactly what the Ancient Romans believed that flexed bicep muscles looked like.

Human Body Muscle Facts
Credit: National Geographic

4. If laid out from one end to another, the blood vessels of an adult can easily circle the Equator of the earth four times.

Here, take a look at 15 amazing and intriguing facts about human body. #interestingfacts #humanbody
Credit: Health Insider

5. The human bodies are capable of exuding a small amount of light that is too weak for the human eyes to detect.

6. An average human being possesses 67 different kinds of bacteria within their belly button.

7. All humans lose around 4kg of skill cells each year!

8. Babies cannot shed tears until they grow up to be at least one month old.

Baby Tears Facts
Credit: National Geographic

9. The human heart has been recorded to beat more than three billion times through the course of an average lifespan.

Human Heart Facts
Credit: National Geographic

10. Our nerves are capable of transferring information at the astounding speed of 400kmph!

11. The left human lung is around 10% tinnier than the right lung.

12. Human teeth are just as powerful and strong as shark teeth.

13. Researchers have revealed that the human nose can identify a trillion different smells and aromas.

Human Nose Facts
Credit: National Geographic

14. Human beings are the only species of living organisms who are capable of blushing.

15. The body weight of a human body comprises of 8% blood.


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