19 Genius Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Beauty is the main requiring thing in the least possible duration, but this is the only possible way when we act smartly knowing how to save our time and utilize it while looking so great.

We especially women pursuit the beauty hacks regarding our hair, nails, body, skin color and natural glow. For this purpose, women keep on consulting the best consultants and dermatologists throughout the world to get know-how about the simplest and the most useful products.

The best way is to have a long and effective list of beauty hacks comprising of useful tips in the shortest time utilization. #beautyhacks #beautymakeup #beautytips
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This is generally the sense that should prevail how to make less effort for looking so beautiful and having a healthy skin by using new extracted products and how to get the long-lasting effect by using the products you have. So, the best way is to have a long and effective list of beauty hacks comprising of useful tips in the shortest time utilization.

1. Green Tea for Beauty

Green tea is being accepted by the world because of its phenomenal power. It has the most powerful antioxidation system due to the presence of EGCG that is best in its anti-cancerous action against the skin. It is very useful in curing the acne and unclogging of pores because of its antibacterial power. It helps in the redness elimination of the body. It is beneficial against swelling and removing dark circles appropriately. It helps for boosting the skin-care regime so effectively.

Green Tea for Face
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2. Almond Oil

Almond oil is one of the very effective beauty care products. It fights against pimple removing the scars too. It keeps the skin cells healthy protecting the UV damage. Almond oil eliminates the skin lines and makes it smoother and healthy. It helps remove the makeup from the skin.

For its application, take a cotton pad and soak it in a few drops of oil. Rub it all over the lips thoroughly keep on rubbing for a few minutes. The best thing about almond oil is its availability and is so cheaper than makeup removers.

Sweet Almond Oil for Face
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3. Vaseline

Vaseline is one of the all-purpose products. It helps in healing the minor cuts and painful burns. Its most common use is the avoidance from flakey feet and super dry skin and lips. Eyebrows insert a great physical change on your personality. If they are difficult to handle and they are curled, Vaseline can “tame” them so easily by just a small amount. All you need to do is just apply it over the eyebrows and brush with a brow brush. Feel the difference.

Vaseline Hacks for Dark Circles and Acne
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4. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is too famous for its moisturizing action over the body. Usually, it is applied as a primer before applying makeup to moisten the skin and it gives a glowy and dewy look. Generally, it’s a perception that women are too concerned about their hair, for that purpose they go for ironing curling, painting, in short destroying the hair daily. Coconut oil’s application elucidates all such problems. Just apply the coconut oil before washing your hair, massage the scalp and let it for some time. This will work basically as the feed for hair to make them healthier and shinier.

Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil
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5. Cold Water

This looks common to use but new to know that is it works this much effect that it must be one of the hacks? So, yes, it is too wide in its significance. Hot water opens the pores of your skin so, dermatologists highly recommend washing the face with cold water once or twice a week at least. It is a hydrating agent for skin. The most astonishing feature is that it works as an astringent retracting and tightening up the skin reducing the puffiness temporarily. It closes the pores reducing the bacterial accumulation there and avoiding the skin from skin problems.

Cold Water Beauty Hack
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6. Mascara is the perfect eyeliner

Spending the whole eyeliner unknowingly is not a big deal now. You can go for the replacement mascara anytime. All you need to have is an eyeliner brush, grab out a little mascara out of it and apply over the lashes. It gives such a long-lasting effect.

Mascara Hacks for Short Lashes
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7. The Teeth Without Lipstick

Applying a lipstick of your own choice gives you the confidence to smile anywhere but what if your teeth are being painted out with that lip-color? This is not a problem, just put your finger in your mouth after applying any sort of color you want to have on your lips and rub it over the teeth. All the traced colors will stick to the finger clarifying the teeth. You can laugh out loud without any fear.

The Teeth without Lipstick
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8. Perfect Lips

You have makeup products of your interest but still not getting the results you want to have after spending this much, go for smart play. Enhancing the beauty using the simpler hacks is easiest to do. Defined upper lips are the key to beautiful lips, for this, we apply a lip pencil to define the shape. If you want to have a little bit more appealing lips, go for the application of some correction powder over your lips before lining them. This makes a clear difference in painting out of the lips.

Beauty Hacks for Pink Lips
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9. Wake up

In this life of robotics, we are hardly able to sleep overnight. This gives the bloated effect to our eyes in the morning that is too odd to look. To avoid this eye effect, the simplest solution is to apply a shadow of white color or a white eye pencil in the edges of the eyes and some under the brows that you rub. This gives the most beautiful and clearer effect on eyes and overall look.

Waking Up Hacks
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10. Interesting Nail Polish

Delicate hands impart a great impact on your overall appearance. We can enhance their charm applying multiple paints over them as per our choice and dress need. If you are bored with applying the same colors every day, you can go for the amalgamation of all these multiple colors. You just must have the patches.

Apply one color over your nail, cut its hollow portion without lining and let it stick to the nail. From this, coat a little bit different color over it and after its drying, remove the patch so carefully to give a defined line among them. You can draw multiple stars, dots, and even simpler lines all over the nails in multiple colors giving such a unique look.

Nail Hacks for Short Nails
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11. Baby Powder with Mascara

Mascara is famous for its shine, volume, color and length of lashes with the long-lasting effect. For this purpose, we keep on buying the expensive mascara over time as it enhances the person’s look so much. To get all these things, only a coat of mascara is nothing.

There is a simple thing you should use while applying mascara that is baby powder. Apply dipped cotton swab in this powder on your lashes after the first coat of mascara. Then apply a second coat of mascara over lashes. Results will be much thrilling and astonishing as beyond the expectations.

Baby Powder with Mascara Beauty Hack
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12. Long-Lasting Waves

Wavy hair is so in the trend that we try to go to the hair-dressers quite often before any occasion even if we are short in time. This is not a big deal to get into trouble, you just must make braids of your hair. Press them with the hair straightener thoroughly twice. Open the braids, spread them and enjoy the look.

Long Lasting Waves Beauty Hack
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13. Corrector

Dark circles are the main thing that gives a pale appearance to our overall personality. We apply the expensive concealers over them to get rid of them but do not get the desirable results. Nothing to worry about, all you must do is apply corrector in the triangular form not in circles over it. This helps in giving a fresh and shiny look.

How to Apply Concealer for Beginners
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14. Let the Perfume Last Longer

Good scent reflects your personality. If it becomes long-lasting, gives much confidence to you about your appearance and stay anywhere. Even many of the best perfumes cannot withstand a lasting effect. The most common solution is that spray it just after taking a bath as the body is in humous then and this humidity helps to retain the scent for so long.

How to Make Your Perfume Last Longer on Clothes
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15. Make a Nail Polish Remover

Nail paint is the commonest beauty imparting thing we do so, nail paint removers are common in use. If we do not have a nail paint remover on time, just make it on your own. You need to have vinegar and lemon juice. Mix them up and apply over your nails. Remove it with a swab.

How to Make Nail Polish Remover at Home
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16. Revive the Dried Mascara

There is a lot of product that we do not use daily. The result gets into the drying of that stuff. To avoid the wastage and reviving of the product requires a small sense. Prepare a solution containing saline drops in the mascara bottle. Shake and heat them for the proper mixing for 30 seconds to give an assemblage effect to both. Mascara will be like before within a few seconds.

How to Revive Dry Waterproof Mascara
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17. Make the Dark Circles Disappear

The quick and the easiest way to feel good about the dark circle disappearance is the utilization of two spoons. Place them in the freezer for almost five minutes and bring them back. Gently place these spoon on your eyes and let them be there for a few minutes. It gives a quick better effect on eyes.

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Permanently
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18. Proper Application

Applying to make products including foundations, concealers, and base normally is the part of our daily routine. But the best way to get a beautiful look is shown by the smoothness of these products. Apply these products from top to bottom, blending them up so effectively giving a smoother appearance. Face cream bottom-up should be applied to give the elastic effect to the skin.

Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Life
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19. Lips Peeling

Lip-stick looks so cool on the smoother lips and much different from the pokey and non-smoother ones. Prepare your lips before applying the lip color. For this, peel-up them using a tooth-brush. Apply some balm on them. You can even go for some natural peeling-off agent using sugar with lemon juice and coconut oil. It is much more effective and tasty as well.


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