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2-Ingredient Weight Loss Tonic You Should Drink Every Morning on an Empty Stomach!

Sometimes it’s not just about your age or body but sometimes you change internally because of your daily diet and daily activities. The changes I’m talking about are usually like feeling weak, tired, having joints pain, dull skin, hair fall, yellowish eyes, depression, anxiety, weight gain, and sometimes quite chronic diseases like hypertension, increase in sugar level etc. these are not the things you can’t stop or change neither it is true that you can’t get your healthy body back, of course you can. You just need to change some habits and you will be healthy and young forever. Here is all-natural weight loss recipe that works very fast and you will experience instant weight loss within few days.

Healthy Weight Loss Program

Health Benefits of Honey

Honey is obtained from honey bees and if I call honey as a magic portion then that won’t be wrong because it has numerous health benefits which can give a kick start to healthy life. It is discovered by the scientists that raw and organic honey has benefits that can cure the damage cells in the body and can also help making the new one. It is rich in antioxidants that prevents the lungs and kidneys to get attacked by the bacteria and it also cures them if already being attacked. Honey has best anti-inflammatory properties that help stomach problems, burning sensation and improves digestive system because it is already being digested by the bees. The anti-bacterial properties of the honey can be used to cure and heal internal and external wounds. Raw honey can be used to treat gingivitis, even some people think of it as a sweetener.

Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

On the other hand there is apple cider vinegar, another magical multi-benefit drink. Though it is quite bitter in taste and has very strong pungent kind of smell but when you know about its benefits you will be agree to compromise over it. ACV is an ideal drink that regulates the blood sugar level, extremely enriched with antioxidants that prevents you from a lot of diseases by strengthening your immune system, saves you from bacterial attacks, weather changing viruses and have an incredible effect on weight loss. ACV eliminates the fat around your abdominal area and makes you pounds lighter just in months. The key is consistency.

Here below is the ingredients list and recipe procedure. Drink this 2 ingredients weight loss recipe every Morning on an empty stomach.

Ingredients You Need:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Raw Honey


Take 1 tbsp. of ACV and 2 tbsp. of honey in warm water every morning on an empty stomach to utilize these stated benefits and stay healthy. If you want instant results then you can also take this mixture at night before going to bed.


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  1. You can add cinnamon to help with the taste. How much water is what im wondering, 8 oz I guess? It does work and it does help lower your blood sugar levels. Try it the night before for better result, like a night cap before bed, it will probabaly help you sleep

  2. Honey got sugar in it,and it is restricted for persons suffering from diabetices.Is honey mixed with warm water using every day for persons suffering from diabetics still safe ?

  3. is the apple cedar vinegar mixed with raw honey can showdown my metabolism I’ve a hypothyroid that is why I loose my weight from 85 kilo to 60 kilo

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