25 Unhealthiest Foods On the Planet

Creating a healthy and wholesome health regime benefits us immensely. It not only allows us to enjoy greater energy levels and sharper focus, but saves us from countless health ailments, such as heart disease and obesity. A large glass of orange juice, a plate loaded with colourful vegetables and almond milk with your regular cup of coffee are all habits that promote a long, healthy and disease-free life.

We have undertaken the mission of making you realize the need to review the ingredients, and understanding what really goes inside your food items.

Here are 25 foods that are generally unhealthy — although most people can eat them in moderation on special occasions without any permanent damage to their health. #unhealthyfood #healthydietplans #healthysnacks
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We have put together a comprehensive list of 25 alarmingly unhealthy food items that sabotage your weight loss goals, and put you at risk for countless chronic ailments.

1. Chewing Gum

Even though we don’t usually swallow it, chewing gum still constitutes as an unhealthy food that is made with horrible ingredients, primarily artificial sweeteners, sorbitol and sugar alcohols. Gums are indigestible, but the ingredients they contain are not.

Sugar alcohols are basically substitutes for sugar which have been increasingly associated with development of bloating and severe gastrointestinal discomfort. Ingredients, such as sorbitol, take a much longer time in being digested, while undigested sugar alcohol enters the small intestine and promotes the conditions that allow the fermentation of bacteria, which further aggravates the symptoms of flatulence and bloating.

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Popular gums, such as Orbit Cinnamon, are packed with artificial sweeteners and ingesting additives that have scientifically been linked with an increase in appetite, along with triggering the sweet receptors in the tongue, which give rise to untimely cravings. If you have a habit of chewing, pick out crunchy and delicious sunflower taste. They are brimming with heaps of vitamin E, the primary fat-soluble antioxidant of the body.

Chewing Gum Health Facts

2. Bottled Lemonade

Bottled lemonade is an extremely unhealthy pick to energize your body and hydrate yourself as it packs nothing but a truckload of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, yellow #5 and tons of additives. Most brands of bottled and canned lemonade, such as Minute Maid, add yellow #5 to give their beverage a dark yellow colour, which researchers have increasingly associated with impairments in renal functioning and hyperactivity.

Pick out some infused water to cut down your calorie consumption and sugar intake, and of course, save your kidneys from horrid medical ailments caused by toxic additives.

Lemon Champagne Cocktail


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  1. Many children have DIED from this “research shows” study because they caught diseases and conditions that modern people should not have to worry about anymore because vaccines prevent them.

    Faulty conclusions and scare tactics is what too many “health” sites succumb to, and instead of helping people become informed and research for themselves what side the preponderance of evidence falls on, they only serve to muddy the waters even more.

  2. So if all of this is damaging, why do our leaders allow people to be forced to eat this? Not everyone is going to want to eat leaves for the rest of their lives?

  3. I get that eating some of these foods may not be healthy but I believe it’s hard to totally avoid everything on this list. Always eat in moderation.

    Another one of Satan’s articles to scare the life out of people. Geesh…Americans are too much.

  4. Lol. Ridiculous!!! Bottled water? Guess we are all gonna die, there is not one food on the earth fit for human consumption. Smh.

  5. While I don’t disagree in principle with most of the article, sugar alcohols really only will cause gut problems if ingested in Large amounts. Small amounts of sugar alcohols are completely safe, they Don’t raise blood sugar and OR turn to triglycerides via the insulin pathway. Many sugar alcohols Exist in nature. so small levels of chewing gum are probably not harmful. Also if one keeps the gut in check with pre AND probiotics the fermentation should not be an issue. Thanks

  6. Thanks for your advise. Lack of knowledge makes us eat everything and obesity is a serious problem. To loose weight is very difficult

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