25 Unhealthiest Foods On the Planet

9. Bottled Water

BPA or Bisphenol-A is one of the scariest toxins that are being added to regular food items, and it is basically a hormone-like chemical present within almost all packaging plastics and preserved food items.

A recent study revealed that chronic ingestion of this damaging toxin can cause a wide variety of severe hormonal changes, such as a greater risk of reproductive cancers, early onset of puberty amongst women, excessive weight gain and even sperm reduction. Another study examining reproductive toxicology revealed that BPA is largely associated with the disruption of hormones that cause the emergence of breasts amongst men.

Instead of bottle water, meet all your hydration needs and reduce your risks for changes in the size of your breasts with clean filtered water, consumed with a BPA-free bottle or a metal flask. S’Well bottles are an ideal pick and they come in such amazing colourful packaging for a mere $35. You can shop them on Amazon.

2 Bottles Of Water

10. Dried Fruit Snacks

Most dried fruit snacks contain sulfites, which is an essential ingredient to make sure prepared foods remain fresh. Research reveals that patients struggling with the symptoms of asthma have a greater risk of suffering damaging reactions of sulfites, such as migraines, hives and swollen throats.

Majority of these dried fruit snacks are made with added sugars, vegetable oil and fruit juice infusions, all of which are potentially damaging for the human body. Be sure to steer clear of dried fruits that contain added sugars without water, as dried fruits already boost a great concentration of sugar as opposed to hydrated fruits, and the added sugars only serve to spike blood sugar and elevate the risk of diabetes.

Even more disturbing is the fact that most dried fruits are coated with vegetable oils, which are highly inflammatory and pack up a rich concentrate of unhealthy fats and empty calories. Instead of these packaged dried fruits varieties, pick your assortment of dried fruits for an organic food or a trustworthy retailer, such as Whole Foods, to find 100% sulfate-free dried fruits.

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11. American Cheese

Before you toss that beguilingly tempting brick of orange cheese into your grocery bag, remind yourself that it contains an assortment of favourless dairy-like ingredients, and countless processed additives. Most cheese-making companies pick out natural colours a vibrant orange hue, however, they still add harmful ingredients, such as phosphate and sodium citrate, which is incredibly damaging for your health.

Kraft Singles are loaded with sodium citrate, which has been associated with increased muscle spasms, along with worsening the symptoms of patients struggling with kidney ailments. Most American cheese varieties also contain sodium phosphate, an ingredient that aids in preventing the crystallization of dairy products and meat. Its excessive consumption has been associated with a greater risk of kidney ailments, bone demineralization, and osteoporosis.

Instead of picking out these overly processed cheese varieties, treat your cheese cravings with a nutrient-rich serving of organic cheese, which doesn’t contain any artificial colours or preservatives. If you want to lower your calorie consumption, pick out parmesan or aged white cheddar, as these varieties contain the lowest levels of lactose, which makes them the ideal pick to reduce digestive discomfort for the 75% adults who experiences distress while digesting dairy products.

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  1. Many children have DIED from this “research shows” study because they caught diseases and conditions that modern people should not have to worry about anymore because vaccines prevent them.

    Faulty conclusions and scare tactics is what too many “health” sites succumb to, and instead of helping people become informed and research for themselves what side the preponderance of evidence falls on, they only serve to muddy the waters even more.

  2. So if all of this is damaging, why do our leaders allow people to be forced to eat this? Not everyone is going to want to eat leaves for the rest of their lives?

  3. I get that eating some of these foods may not be healthy but I believe it’s hard to totally avoid everything on this list. Always eat in moderation.

    Another one of Satan’s articles to scare the life out of people. Geesh…Americans are too much.

  4. Lol. Ridiculous!!! Bottled water? Guess we are all gonna die, there is not one food on the earth fit for human consumption. Smh.

  5. While I don’t disagree in principle with most of the article, sugar alcohols really only will cause gut problems if ingested in Large amounts. Small amounts of sugar alcohols are completely safe, they Don’t raise blood sugar and OR turn to triglycerides via the insulin pathway. Many sugar alcohols Exist in nature. so small levels of chewing gum are probably not harmful. Also if one keeps the gut in check with pre AND probiotics the fermentation should not be an issue. Thanks

  6. Thanks for your advise. Lack of knowledge makes us eat everything and obesity is a serious problem. To loose weight is very difficult

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