25 Unhealthiest Foods On the Planet

15. Chips Ahoy! Cookies

Chips Ahoy! Chocolate chip cookies are loaded with the alarmingly damaging trans fats, which clog up our arteries, and drain our brain. These popular treats are made with shockingly unhealthy ingredients such as caramel colour, artificial flavours, high fructose corn syrup, and partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil, which is largely classified as trans fat.

To make it worse, these cookies also pack up 11 grams of sugar in each serving, along with frightening amounts of high fructose corn syrup, which increases triglyceride levels, body weight and body fat. Instead of these sugar-loaded chocolate chip cookies, why not fix your own indulgent and nutritious recipe with oatmeal, whole wheat, dark chocolate and natural peanut butter.

Hot To Make Chocolate Chip Cookies

16. Chinese Food

Chinese restaurants, such as P.F Chang’s, provide the saltiest meals in the world, loaded with excessive amounts of heart-damaging sodium. All you need is one serving of Hot & Sour soup to brim up your body with a shocking 9,590 milligrams of sodium, which is four times more than your recommended daily dosage requirement. It’s always healthier to fix your own soups, steamed veggies and other Chinese recipes at home, so you can control your consumption of sodium.

Chinese Food High In Protein

17. Low-Fat Peanut butter

The supposed low fat peanut butter does not constitute as a health food as it packs a wide host of unhealthy ingredients, primarily sugar, sodium and hydrogenated vegetable oil. Peanuts, as a standalone snack, provide powerful concentrations of protein and fiber, while processed low-fat peanut butter varieties provide you nothing by health-damaging ingredients.

Natural peanut butter contains heaps of healthy fats, and when these fats are removed, they are mostly substituted with excessive amounts of salt, and heaps of sugar, to make sure the product isn’t entirely flavourless and inedible.

Pick out some full-fat homemade natural peanut butter without any salt or waist-thickening sugars. Spread the Love peanut butter is created without adding any oils, sugar and salt, and it also provides the MUFA content provided by peanuts to brim your body with their cholesterol-reducing benefits. You can easily fix your own peanut butter recipe at home, all you need is some peanuts, some honey and a bit of oil. Toss all these ingredients into a blender and blend until you see the ingredients form a smooth and thick paste.

Peanut Butter Good or Bad For Weight Loss


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  1. Many children have DIED from this “research shows” study because they caught diseases and conditions that modern people should not have to worry about anymore because vaccines prevent them.

    Faulty conclusions and scare tactics is what too many “health” sites succumb to, and instead of helping people become informed and research for themselves what side the preponderance of evidence falls on, they only serve to muddy the waters even more.

  2. So if all of this is damaging, why do our leaders allow people to be forced to eat this? Not everyone is going to want to eat leaves for the rest of their lives?

  3. I get that eating some of these foods may not be healthy but I believe it’s hard to totally avoid everything on this list. Always eat in moderation.

    Another one of Satan’s articles to scare the life out of people. Geesh…Americans are too much.

  4. Lol. Ridiculous!!! Bottled water? Guess we are all gonna die, there is not one food on the earth fit for human consumption. Smh.

  5. While I don’t disagree in principle with most of the article, sugar alcohols really only will cause gut problems if ingested in Large amounts. Small amounts of sugar alcohols are completely safe, they Don’t raise blood sugar and OR turn to triglycerides via the insulin pathway. Many sugar alcohols Exist in nature. so small levels of chewing gum are probably not harmful. Also if one keeps the gut in check with pre AND probiotics the fermentation should not be an issue. Thanks

  6. Thanks for your advise. Lack of knowledge makes us eat everything and obesity is a serious problem. To loose weight is very difficult

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