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4 Foods That Burn Belly Fat

4. Milk

Milk is known for its amazing effects when it comes to reduce belly fat. It is a rich source of calcium and according to a study in 2010, by the researchers of university of Alabama, at Birmingham, it was found that in a group of more than 100 women in their pre-menopausal stages, the ones who consumed 100 milligrams of calcium per day (half cup of soft serve frozen yogurt) experienced significant reduction in their body fat. This helped them lose one inch of their intra-abdominal fat, that is present in and around your internal organs and can lead to heart diseases and cancer.

Does drinking milk make you gain weight

Calcium also helps you get a better sleep if muscle soreness or cramps are the reason that keeps you awake. The minerals along with calcium relaxes your muscles nerves and fibres.

A proper diet plays an important role in maintaining and losing weight. A healthy diet also eliminates the risks of many diseases in your body. If you eat well, you perform your activities well and you sleep well.

All these things matter a lot when it comes to losing weight. Make sure to add the above mentioned foods in your diet to get a healthy and fit body.


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