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4 Surprising Things You Never Knew About Your Metabolism

4 Great misconceptions associated with metabolism according to Reardon are:

1. The Common Beliefs and Expressions of People about Metabolism are Wrong:

People often classify metabolism to be slower in few people, more specifically in chubby or fat people and faster in other people, significantly in thinner or slimmer ones. Reardon clarified the concepts by displacing “fast” and “slow” metabolism with “efficient” and inefficient” metabolism.

Inefficient metabolism is basically caused by variations on receptor cells which prevents the conversion of stored food into energy. Surprisingly enough, the so called slow metabolism rate is working efficiently but in wrong direction i.e. the receptor cells in such people convert food into stored energy.

It results in weight gain which proves the association of slow metabolism with fat people correctly.

Yet, you hold the power to control the workings of your body so certain food and drinks, if eaten in certain amounts, can optimize your metabolism without extra food storage.


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