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4 Surprising Things You Never Knew About Your Metabolism

2. Athletes Require Slow Metabolism:

Fast metabolism i.e. inefficient one appears to be the goal as athletes with efficient metabolism are more prone to gaining weight. But, in contrast, Reardon explains that the more active you are, the lesser food intake you require.

Manner of adaptability differs from person to person. Athletes with inefficient metabolism cannot maintain energy for long-term with less endurance scale while those with efficient metabolism have greater endurance level as they can store energy for long. You also have to keep a check on your food type that you take as a source of your body fuel.

3. Not Only Kind Of Food But Also Types Of Exercises Matter:

Choose your workout keeping the end in mind which you want to achieve. After choosing, you might get perplexed by required time period and intensity of your workout to assist your metabolism. Reardon has some advice about how you can get better and effective results.

The expenditure of energy on intense interval workout for 30 minutes differs from that on low-intensity workout for same time period. Low intensity exercise with a consistency of 30 minutes has lesser effects on metabolism rate and amount of calorie burn. High intensity interval training boosts metabolism rate along with providing you with a better posture and flexibility.


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