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4 Surprising Things You Never Knew About Your Metabolism

4. Aging Does Not Slow Down Your Metabolism:

Most of the aged people complain that their metabolism rate has decreased with age and their digestive system does not function as efficiently as it used to do. Reardon breaks the stereotype by revealing that metabolism has nothing to do with your age but with your food and activities.

In modern times, people begin to fall into defined role of an aged person with less active lifestyle commonly acceptable for people around them.

For awhile compare your teenage years and activity level with older age: Do you still go out and play your favorite sports as you did in teenage hiding away from libraries? If you are glued to your desk then don’t expect some miracles to happen. You have changed wit years not your metabolism system. Menopause in women is an additional factor that can be affecting your health leading to weight gain.

You need to change your lifestyle by shifting to foods that fight inflammations (extremely good for your heart’s health and other problems), sleeping timely and properly, being active and reducing stressful situations. It will help in normal functioning of your metabolism to lead to a healthier life too.


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