4 Ways Men Can Battle Skin Problems

Now is the time when men have become equally conscious about their looks like a women. They tend to follow skin care routines but many of them face difficulty in finding the right products.

Josh Meyer, the founder of Brickell Men’s product range says that the right moisturizer can help one tackle with most of the skin issues.

Here are 4 best ways men can battle all the skin problems. #skincare #skinproblems
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Here are 4 best ways men can battle all the skin problems:

1. Dry skin

The change in the season deprives the skin of the necessary moisture. It leaves it patched and dry making the skin flaky. This does not give a decent look and your skin also hardens. For that, you need a natural moisturizer.

An oil-free moisturizer should be applied generously that easily absorbs into the skin every night, before you go to bed. It will keep the skin hydrated and prevent it from becoming flaky again.

If you are going to face the daylight, make sure your skin is protected against the harsh UV rays with a sunscreen of SPF 15 or any that suits you. It will keep your skin from losing the water when you are outside.

Mens Dry Skin Problem

2. Shave irritation

During winters, do you face irritation after you shave?  If you don’t keep a beard, your skin needs extra care from the patching, redness, and bumps that itch sometimes.

Before you shave try exfoliating. It will wear away the dead skin cells and allow the pores space to breath. Use a safety razor instead and a lotion type or consistency shaving cream to avoid the bruises.

The multi-bladed razors should be avoided as they worsen the situation. They contact the skin very deeply, therefore, can damage it. Also, after every shave uses an alcohol-free aftershave to prevent infection.

Shave Irritation Skin Problem
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3. Cracked hands

For those hard cracked hands and foot, you need to find a good hand cream and a foot cream which will keep the skin hydrated.

If you have extra sensitive skin, use lotions that are not scented.

Mens Cracked Hands Skin Problem

4. Chapped lips

Oh, but chapped lips are the least wanted thing a woman would want to see on her man. Also, they are painful and sometimes due to extreme dryness they are sore.

Winters are the time when every man experiences it once or twice. For that, get yourself a hydrating organic lip balm. Keep it with you the entire day and use it when you need it.

A generous brush of lip balm will keep you away from the chapped lips problem.

Mens Chapped Lips Skin Problem

So, follow these advises and you men will too have that soft skin you want.


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