5 Best Diabetes-Friendly Foods

When you have pre-diabetes or diabetes, what you eat becomes very important. You have to be very careful about maintaining healthy blood sugar. There are many foods which you can eat to manage diabetes.

In order to manage diabetes, your diet should be rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains; while being low in calories and fat at the same time. Foods that are rich in fiber are very beneficial in managing diabetes. Studies have shown that people whose diet consists of higher fiber have a lower risk of having type 2 diabetes.

Let’s have a look at the 5 best foods that should be eaten while having diabetes.


These small yet yummy berries are loaded with benefits. They have so many nutrients. Berries have antioxidants and fiber. They should definitely be eaten while suffering from diabetes. Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries are all very healthy.

You can make smoothies, add berries to salads or cereals and can also eat them as an alternative to sweets while having a sweet tooth.

Highest Antioxidant Berry


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  1. Obviously, berries are not a great idea. How would whole grains help a diabetic? Out of the 5 suggestions no vegetables. Vegetables have a ton of fiber and easily converted sugars.

  2. If your diet consist of all-white foods now (white flour, white sugar, white rice, white potatoes, etc.), then these *would* be healthier choices.

    But the best diet for an actual ddiabetic (and I am one, so I speak from experience) is one that focuses first on non-starchy vegetables, then on lean meats and fish. Fruit is a limited treat. CARBS turn to sugar, so they are to be avoided. (You won’t miss them and even a salad has some carbs, so you will still get some.)

    Add to that some type of regular exercise that gets your blood flowing – walks, workouts at the gym, swimming, dancing, yoga, whatever.

    Diabetes is a serious illness that can kill people, make them go blind, or lose feet or legs. Fluff pieces like this one serve few and allow the uninformed to continue to eat things that are *not* their best choices.

    Instead, try adding more of the following to your meals:
    (and try a “Meatless Monday”, where you roast a tray full of veggies
    that have been tossed in a little olive oil and salt & pepper – Roast for
    20 mins @ 400 degrees. Wonderful!)

    Brussel Sprouts
    Green and Red Peppers

    Best of luck!

  3. Whole grains such as in breads, rice, and sweet potatoes all have carbohydrates which raises blood sugar. Onions, Cinnamon is good to lower blood sugars.

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