The 5 Best Foods for Brain Health

The brain controls all the actions and reactions. In a human body, the brain plays a central role. It is a common saying that a strong mind is in a strong body.

Today we are going to share 5 best foods that are helpful for better brain health.

1. Berries

Berries make your nervous system strong and powerful. Many researches have shown that blueberries boost the understanding power as well as memory. Actually, berries are rich in antioxidants that improve the blood flow towards the brain and protect the brain cells.

The people who consume blueberries their memory and coordination power is stronger than others who are not consuming it. Not only blueberries are beneficial for brain cells but also blackberries as they boost comprehension and memory.

Blueberries Vitamin C

2. Garlic

Garlic is considered best for fighting diseases such as stomach problems, cancer, colon, weight issues and much more. But many people do not know that garlic consists of such elements that make the brain cells strong and powerful. Many studies are in the favor of it.

Onions and Weight Loss

Studies have proved that garlic has a compound that boosts serotonin levels which simply improve the learning capability, critical thinking and problem-solving.

Top Brain Power Foods [Infographic]


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    • Vitamin D is abundant in the sun 8-10pm. Found only in eggs and fish liver.. cod liver oil supplements will help too

  1. I have Incorporated these food items in my diet for perhaps the last 10 years or more, and I have seen marketed results, and will continue to use these products in their most natural state . I might add also that turmeric and ginger are also great supplements. As a whole, they are great for the immune system, and the mind.

  2. Most of the foods you listed are thought work through the same mechanism – as antioxidants preventing oxidative damage to DNA & vital proteins. But you forgot about the fuel, the much maligned SUGAR, the main energy fuel for neural tissue as well as the red blood cells. Another type of fuel for the brain cells is ketone bodies which are generated during prolonged fasting and starvation (emergency fuel).

  3. this is helpful, thank you for the free information which the world needs more especially during these times of many unknown diseases. thank you

  4. In a world that often reflects geologic and weather devastation and man’s inhumanity to others we tend to overlook beauty that dwells in the heart of others and that which is offered to us by Mother Earth.

  5. Thanj. You. So. Much. And. God. Bless
    For. The. Information.
    Beginning. Today. I. Will. Start. Eating.
    Those. 5. ,Brain. Power.

  6. Ok ok I’ll try. But how much is too much. And what one is best? I never learn to study in school and now i need better smarts to get a better job.

  7. Generally good, Tho fish isn’t healthy and it’s not food. Omega 3 can be easily obtained at source walnuts for example. Healthier and kinder ?

  8. I thank god for everything knowing about your health and eating the right food is very important now days.because food has changed day by day and eating healthy is very important

    Thank you

    Mr Royal Sr

  9. Good news!
    What I hate among the recommended foods is raw garlic. I can’t stand its taste in my mouth but I love to eat it cooked in food.

  10. Really the top brain foods specially the 5 foods are most essential for brain particularly in growing and old age.
    Thanks for important informations.

  11. I am a Food hygienist, thanks for your information, please, you will try to show the references of your posts so as to be power information for readers.
    Too thanks

  12. Thank you if it’s really true, because there’s a lot coming up regarding health, and we don’t know what to believe!!

  13. INTERESTING….to confirm the facts of these brain energizing foods that I’ve known of, and; to learn of the others that are beneficial. Thank-you !

  14. You stated that nuts are one of the of the best drugs for your liver is nut. May I ask what type of nuts are you SUGGESTION would you SAY ARE THE BEST for a wet of time or mushrooms are, for your to E-9?

  15. I just love this knowledge that is coming out about how we can keep our health through the right kind of food! I have followed a Low Protein Diet for my kidneys for over 15years. I lasted 10 years in stage 4 kidney failure without dialysis. I also used other herbs, such as CBD, and Chinese herbs, Activated Charcoal.
    Thanks for reaffirming my knowledge with your article. Michelle DeMello

  16. This is an easy read article; a gentle reminder to feed our brain, And since the brain is our control center; why not take a few steps to tune up and supercharge our operating power!

  17. I can say these are true.. Garlic, I eat 1 garlic every morning with an empty stomach and drink lots off water.

  18. I have had really a nice time exploring some new facts. Hope we shall keep in touch so that l can learn more from you.

  19. It can be very frustrating trying to find foods that are not only happy, healthy, and most important nutritious. Having Diabetes has posed many issues in my life, but by far the most difficult and recurring temptation are ice cream, chocolate, and every other soft and sweet concoction. I have managed to take great control of my diabetes pretty well for the past almost twenty years now. When I hit my upper thirties it seemed like the situation began changing every visit for the worst. I have also started gaining weight slowly but enough. Over the last few weeks it has started to get out of control. To the point that my doctor said that if if this doesn’t start getting better soon then he will have to switch to insulin. PLease help.

  20. Thank you for the informative and educational makes as aware of the fruits and food for the brain.God bless you.

  21. I try to eat the best less greasy if is possible , I eat most salads just a few bottles of water Peanuts I lile it , fruit , grapes ,apples, I like cooked vegetables is very good to my health ,I stop smoking arround 8 years ,but I over waight , that’s way I’m in diet , etc etc


  22. Please I want to know how I can increase the dopamine because ì have Parkinson’s syndrome legs an what the new treatments a thanks

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