5 Foods To Eat If You Want To Live Longer

There are certain people around the world that enjoy exceptionally healthy and live long life. And their life expectancy is more than 80 years per person. On the other hand, there are some people who feel weak and feeble even in their early life years. Why is that so? Is it something related to genetics? No, it’s not. Or is there really any longevity diet? Yes, there is.

We all know that we should go easy on high-fat and high sugar foods because they can directly put our lives in the danger zone by causing cholesterol imbalance, hypertension and diabetes along with obesity. But do we know that what kind of foods we should consume on a regular basis for long healthy life? Or what foods are beneficial for adding years to your life?

What to do to Live a Healthy Life
Image: Health Insider

One of the easiest ways to add years to your life is to change your eating habits because almost all the researches about this topic are saying that healthy diet is a super important fact that can increase your life span while saving you from a lot of chronic diseases.

Here are some life increasing foods, that will help you add years to your life and will also help you stay healthy:

1. Whole Grains:

All the grains start their lives as whole grains, like their natural state, without any preservatives or additional chemicals etc. But then these grains are passed through a lot of processes that diminishes the fact of being natural or whole grain. Whole grain flour, bread and pastas are full of nutrients while white bread food devoid in nutrients and they are absolutely cheating you out of adding extra years to your life.

Health Benefits of Grains

A research was conducted in 2009, by nutrition experts, they selected different people for testing the effect of whole grain in life expectancy and overall health. They offer whole grain diet to half people and normal white grain to the other group. After some days, a study was conducted on both of the groups and it was clearly shown that people who consumed whole grain foods, were found with lower risk of heart diseases as compared to the people who consume fatty foods throughout the diet. 1 oz. serving of whole grains reduces the risk of death by 5% and 9% risk of dying from heart problems. So pay attention to your bread’s packaging. It should say 100% whole wheat.


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