5 Foods That Boost Lung Function

We all pay attention to our skin, hair, and physique. Most of us go for expensive treatments to maintain ourselves, but a few pay attention to the inner body. In reality, we are nothing if our internal is not healthy enough to function well.

All the internal organs all are equally important for our health. What we eat, is what we are. Factors that affect our organs like heart, kidneys, lungs, liver and stomach include eating habits, physical activity, sleep-wake cycle, genetics, and surroundings.

We all know that the world is going through a very crucial time. The key to remaining unaffected is made your immunity stronger and to take good care of your lungs.

Here are 5 best foods that promote lung function.
Credit: Health Insider

With the help of some natural compounds that are present in fruits and vegetables, we can keep ourselves healthy enough to fight against these microbes. Here are five items that have been compiled by health experts to protect you from lungs diseases.

1. Apples

Apples and Lung Cancer
Image: MedMD

We all have heard the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. It is true indeed. Apple contains a variety of oxidative compounds known as phytochemicals that help to protect at the cellular level from oxidative damage. These compounds help to decrease inflammation of the lungs and help to improve the pulmonary function.

According to “The European Respiratory Journal”, apples can help to improve lungs function, mainly in smokers.


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