5 Signs Your Gut Is Out Of Whack, Even If Your Stomach Feels Fine

Are you always in bad mood or sick or feeling achy or itchy? If yes, then there are a lot of things that could be blamed for the situation but imbalanced gut could be the main reason that could be called culprit. The gastrointestinal tract is said to be the home of more than hundreds of trillion bacteria, though some of them are known as to be healthy while others are toxic and could cause health damages.

According to the nutritionists in New York, the imbalanced gut can really cause trouble to your health and after recognizing the symptoms, one should head to the doctor for health advice because it shouldn’t be ignored. Following are the 5 complaints people do when their gut is out of whack.

1. There is a blistery and itchy rash on your knees and elbows

Itchy and blistery rash over the knees and elbows mat look like eczema but it might be celiac, which is an autoimmune condition that makes the patient hypersensitive to gluten products. More than 25% of the people, suffering from celiac disease suffers from rash and itchy feeling, called dermatitis herpetiformis and this is not always associated with GI symptoms. The MD of Celiac disease, in CU, New York, stated that he had seen a lot of people who get themselves misdiagnosed by the specialists’ doctors. People usually suffers from osteoporosis or anaemia but diagnosed as having celiac diseases.

Red Rash in Elbow Crease

If someone is suffering from celiac disease, very little amount of gluten can cause your body to produce antibody i.e. lgA that attacks and affects the intestines. Sometimes it is collected in small blood vessels beneath the skin causing rash like eczema. If you are suffering from any of the symptoms then go to your doctor to seek medical advice.


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