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6 Negative Side Effects of Coffee

Coffee becomes the most popular and favorite drink amongst the people all over the world. Most of us are addicted to caffeine and start our day with this drug and cannot start a day without having it. Using coffee on the daily basis have adverse effects on body however; most of the people have no negative effects. No doubt coffee is a delicious way to start our day and keep us fresh but it has many side effects also.

Having more than three cups in a day can lead a man too early death. If we drink it in small portion than it has possibly some benefits but the excess of everything is bad. If we use fresh and high-quality coffee then it can reduce the risk of heart attack and wake up our body. It is rich in antioxidants and is useful in body fat reduction, so good quality coffee may help in weight loss.

Here are 6 side effects of too much caffeine.

On the other side, regular and excessive use of it damaged our bones and increased the risk of osteoporosis. It also has negative effects on our digestive system and increases the stress.

Side Effects of Drinking Coffee

1. Coffee Cause Indigestion

People drinking coffee for the first time that is on empty stomach report the problem of indigestion and upset stomach, because it helps in stimulation hydrochloric acid production. It is also a bad impact on other health issues because of not digesting the food properly. This problem mainly occurs when we take beverages on an empty stomach.

2. Coffee Cause Blood Pressure

Excessive use of coffee may raise the blood pressure in the body. This will lead to hypertension.


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