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6 Surprising Moves for Flatter Abs

Cool and effortless ways to make your belly flatter and tighter

Traditional exercises for abs are way too boring and it’s difficult to be consistent after a day or two. Flatter belly is trending and sounds healthy too so we have gathered fun and interesting moves to flatten your belly muscles when you are stuck in a long waiting queue or are cooking or simply working at your office desk. It really sounds amazing! It’s because of what a trainer “Kathy Smith”, starring in the DVD Ageless with Kathy Smith: Staying Strong, says that it’s real easy target to engage your abdominal muscles just by holding your breath for long i.e. pull in your belly and maintain that position for a minute. Amazingly, repeating it for about 10 times each day will result in firmer and stronger core in a week.

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Credit: Health Insider

We’ve got 6 incredibly simple ways for you to tone up your belly faster. They are time savers as you don’t need to get extra time out of your routine especially for them.

1. Work out on 2-sec posture check

Posture matters a lot! It affects your personality a lot. Andrea Metcalf , who authored Naked Fitness and is an expert for “Anytime Fitness”, says that straighten up your posture to let your abs appear toned up. Often, you are waiting in long lines for one thing or another; all you need to do is push your tail bone inwards and hip bones upwards as if you are connecting your hip-bones to rib cage.

Even when you are walking, keep the pressure off of your lower backbone by tucking in the tailbone. It will get your stomach look firmer and flatter.

Do this 2 second Posture Check

2. Brushing with a belly dance

Belly dancing has best oblique workout including the hip drop step. For the perfect posture in the step, all that’s required is supporting of your body on left leg and moving forward to the left of your right leg and then balancing your weight on your toes. Move up the right hip and drop it down in a repetitive manner for a minute and change the side. Enjoy the fun while brushing your teeth or in shower or waiting for microwave to heat up in kitchen.

Belly Dance While You Brush

3. Sitting posture to be: V-sit

Working on your computer for hours and then taking a five minutes break or waiting for something on desk? Fix those minutes too by simple and powerful exercises which include v-sit position that actually empowers your mid-section. It will go unnoticed by others if done in a bit of subtle way.

V-Sit while you sit

You don’t have to get down on the floor for it. Keep sitting but just slide your but towards the front of the office chair and relax your head and upper portion of back on the seat’s back support. After contracting your abs in, just lift up the right knee and put it down, then do the same with left knee. Repeat it about 10 times for both legs. You’re not done yet, still you need to walk an extra mile!

Sit straight up at the edge of your office chair and lean back and then pull yourself forward using abs to sit straight up. Repeat it for ten times and now you are done. When you are strong enough, you can carry both parts together for better results. You just have to lean back and pull up your knees together upwards and then pull forward your body to straight posture with legs dropped onto the floor.

4. Get dramatic by acting as if gum got stuck on the chair

Sounds funny! It’s about make-belief effect where you have to pretend or imagine that gum or paint is there at your seat’s back so sit straight up and forward to save yourself from getting into trouble. Drop your shoulders and move them backwards, lift abdomen and visualize yourself to be knitting together of your rib cage.

5. Balance yourself

Replace your chair with an exercise ball and balance on it. It will enhance your focus as well as empower you for dealing better with your workload. Various studies have verified the fact that exercise balls helped students focus better on their work and they stayed more attentive in class. What happens is that all the body muscles are engaged in keeping a balance and you maintain a better posture and become more attentive to everything around you. You will have a healthier and stronger spine with lesser or no back pain.

Find out a perfect ball size for yourself according to your height:

  • For 4’6’’ height, a 12’’ ball is perfect
  • For up to 5’0’’ height, a 18’’ ball is perfect
  • For up to 5’7’’ height, a 22’’ ball is perfect option
  • For up to 6’2’’ height, a 26’’ ball will be perfect choice and
  • For Above 6’2’’ height, a 30’’ ball is a requirement.

Stay Balanced

6. Hula Hoop fun

Revive your childhood memories of hula hoops craze. Even Michelle Obama loved hooping along with her daughters and Marisa Tomei revealed hooping to be a reason behind her strong and sexy physique at the age of 46. Find out some adult size fitness hoops and start twirling and twisting again like a little girl. Keep your upper and lower section of body stable and static and just move your hips from side to side to keep on hooping the ring.


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