7-Day Meal Plan to Lose Belly Fat

Losing belly fat has so many benefits for your health and helps you to get rid of diseases. It is believed that with the increase in waist to hip ratio, the risk of diseases increases. Metabolic syndrome is linked with belly fat. Abdominal obesity is linked to cardiovascular diseases and diabetes type 2.

Belly fat can be measured simply at home with the help of measurement tape. Men above 40 inches and women above 35 inches should be worried about their health condition. Losing fat is not an overnight process. It takes time and consistency towards your diet.

7-Day Flat Tummy Diet Plan to Lose Belly Fat

Fortunately, there are a few proven diet plans that have been shown to target the belly fat more than other parts of the body. Being fit is 80% diet and 20% exercise.

Here is the diet plan which you can follow to achieve your goal:

7 Day Flat Tummy Diet Meal Plan to Lose Belly Fat
Credit: Health Insider

Day 1

BREAKFAST: Boiled egg, bacon, apple, toast and coffee
LUNCH: Ham and cheese sandwich with avocado
SNACK: Greek yogurt
DINNER: Grilled chicken salad

Day 2

BREAKFAST: Berry smoothie with chia seeds
LUNCH: Kale & tuna salad
SNACK: Unsalted nuts
DINNER: Cold and lentil salad

Day 3

BREAKFAST: Broccoli Rabe & egg toast
LUNCH: Shrimp salad
SNACK: Cheesy peas
DINNER: Grilled chicken

Day 4

BREAKFAST: Avocado banana smoothie
LUNCH: Open wasabi tuna sandwich
SNACK: Berries
DINNER: Flank steak with balsamic vinegar

Day 5

BREAKFAST: Cinnamon oatmeal
LUNCH: Turkey wrap
SNACK: Olive and cheese
DINNER: Red hot chicken pasta

Day 6

BREAKFAST: Breakfast burrito
LUNCH: Turkey chili
SNACK: Hard boiled egg
DINNER: Mediterranean style cod

Day 7

BREAKFAST: Berry and chia pudding
LUNCH: Pesto shrimp pasta
SNACK: Trail mix
DINNER: Pecan and pork chops


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