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7 Foods That Make You Look Older

We all want to reverse the clock and appear youthful and radiant, but let’s admit it, time isn’t stopping to grant any of our wishes. Getting older is an inescapable and unavoidable fact that we must all submit to, but having said that, we don’t necessarily have to look our age.

Remember, age is just a number, and even though to genetics play a powerful role in determining how fast we age, nature can help us slow down those horrid signs of aging, and enjoy our youthfulness for much longer.

You see, signs of ageing always tend to emerge on our skin and teeth, and there are countless foods that tend to speed up the emergence of these signs, while there are also foods that prevent their emergence. Research reveals that as we get older, our teeth naturally begin to turn yellow, which is partly due to our daily diet and partly due to the signs of aging.

We’ve picked out all these nasty food items that you need to eliminate from your diet in order to slow down the signs of aging. #foodstoavoid
Credit: Health Insider

Similarly, our skin also ages as we grow old, and if we are regularly consuming food items that are interfering with collagenases, the process of developing collagen, the essential protein within our body that makes the skin taut and firm, the signs of ageing tend to appear much earlier and faster.

We’ve picked out all these nasty food items that you need to eliminate from your diet in order to slow down the signs of aging.

Here, take a look:

1. White Wine

Research reveals that alcohol is one of the most prevalent causes of teeth staining, and it is guaranteed to turn your pearly whites into a nasty set of yellow-stained teeth. Researchers explain that alcohol causes excessive dryness in the mouth by decreasing the flow of saliva, which is essential to wash away all bad bacteria. This leads to severe staining, yellowness and the formation of cavities.

Most people tend to believe that it is red wine that causes the greatest amount of staining, but research proves that white wine is much more acid that red wine and is capable of causing much more damage. Basically, white wine contains a certain acid that makes the enamel excessively porous, which causes a build-up of stains in the long-run.

How Alcohol Affects

Fortunately, the teeth are capable of constantly rebuilding and recovering the enamel, so it can naturally reform after you enjoy a glass of chardonnay with your fancy meal. However, it is essential to brush right after drinking, and if you can’t do that, just swish some water around your mouth to wash out all the acids and sugars that might get stuck in your teeth.


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  1. In short, avoid prepackaged garbage that masquerades as food. Eat one decent meal a day, and brush your teeth after that, not before breakfast and before bed, like many do.Avoid sugars of any kind

  2. ואפשר גם וגם, אחרי האוכל יש לצחצח שנים ,ולאכול מגרסת הלייט של מאכלים אלו , אפשר לותר שליש או רבע מאכלים שהוזכרו למי שהם מצויים בסלו ,(בעיקר באזורים קזחייםאו טורקיים) יש גם משהוא קולינרי וקצת אתני וסובייקטיבי מעט .העיקר שיהיה לבריאות איני תזונאי וגם לא כמאי וטוב להמעיט ,וגם להתייעץ עם תזונאי/ת

  3. No, I don’t see ….. My parents consumed these foods and did not have the amount of problems I have had. Could be something in the water where we lived as a family. My parents grew up in different states than where we lived as a family. Where I live now, tooth loss is more prevalent than I have ever seen! As well as hair loss and problems walking.

  4. These are really best tricks to maintain healthy. My doctor suggested me sodium chloride added tooth paste for better strong teeth.

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