7 Foods You Should Never Eat For Lunch

Lunch is the one hour when we can say goodbye to the office without pissing off the boss, and enjoy a leisurely and fulfilling meal that will keep us satiated until midday. You see, lunch is a purpose-driven affair, and your goal must eating a meal that is not only convenient and easy, but also promises to boost up your energy levels required to stay alert for the rest of the day.

However, most of chosen food items for lunch are loaded with enormous calories, unhealthy fats and artificial preservatives that do very little to energize our body, and instead, spike our blood sugar, induce fatigue and exhaustion, and leave us extremely irritable and weary.

The trick is to eat clean and be sure not to deprive yourself of essential nutrients. Stay away from processed meals and trans fat, and load up your plate with lean protein, healthy fats and leafy green veggies.

What to Eat for Lunch
Credit: Health Insider

We’ve picked out 7 extremely unhealthy food items that you must avoid at lunch. Here, take a look:

1. Pasta

We all love devouring large servings of fettuccine Alfredo or chunks of meats and sausages with penne pasta swimming in spicy red sauce. It tends to make us feel filled, satiated and extremely happy, effect that refined carbs and trans fat tends to have on our body, accompanied by bouts of exhaustion and welcoming sleep.

Now, if your boss allows you a 2 hour power nap right after lunch, pasta is a great meal for you to devour, but if you want to stay alert, awake and active during those awfully dragging hours of mid-afternoon, you need to stock up more protein and complex carbs.

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