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7 Foods That Stop Hair Loss

6. Oils

Oiling is very necessary for your hair. In our busy schedule, we do not have time for oiling. But remember oiling helps the hair roots to be strong and frees your scalp from dandruff. Just apply oil for twenty to thirty minutes before washing.

Coconut oil, rosemary or pumpkin oil are best for hair and act as nectar. Coconut oil is best for dandruff and dandruff is a reason of hair loss. It also protects hair against protein loss.

A mixture of coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil with some drops of vitamin E makes the hair strands strong and prevents the hair loss. It also thickens your hair and a good solution for dandruff.

How to Get Oil Out of Hair

7. Seaweed

According to the recent research, a supplement containing cistanche tubulosa and laminaria japonica have amazing results for hair growth. After 16 weeks of supplementation increase in hair volume and hair thickness was noticed.

Cistanche tubulosa is a desert plant that was used in the traditional Chinese medicine while laminaria japonica is edible brown seaweed. The mixture of both resolved hair issues like scalp inflammation, dandruff and promote hair growth and thickness.

Surgical Hair Restoration


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  1. My hair is thinning in the top but i want to know whats best remedy for that problem send me some good information on how to solve it

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