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7 “Healthy” Foods That Are Making You Gain Weight

There’s never an easy way to lose weight and keep it off. Although, there are countless supposedly healthy meals, protein bars, mini meals, snacks and low-fat food varieties that claim to help you cut down your calories and slim down your waist. The truth is, that these supposedly nutritious food items have just as many calories as your denim jeans, and you must eliminate them from your diet at once.

Nutritionists and health experts believe that snacking to lose weight is the unhealthiest trick in the book, because every time you snack, you will wreak havoc on an essential fat-storing hormone, called insulin. The more you snack, the greater the insulin spike, and this will cause your body to store up more and fat, giving your midsection a rounded and protruding muffin top.

Moreover, frequent snacks also increase our calorie intake, along with triggering several food intolerances, blood sugar-spikes and intense sugar cravings that cause us to devour calorie-rich and salted treats. Research reveals that snacking isn’t done to suppress hunger or satiate one’s appetite, but rather, it is triggered by feelings such stress, boredom, fatigue and anger, and sugar-rich treats always tend to help us cope with our problems, or at least we feel that they do.

We have picked out 7 supposedly healthy foods that have been shrouded with fallacious claims of nutrition and health.
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To make matters worse, manufacturers and clever marketers make all kinds of crafty and fallacious claims to position their processed and unhealthy products as nutritious and healthy, while they actually capable of wreaking havoc on our metabolism and preventing fat loss. We’ve picked out 7 supposedly healthy foods that have been shrouded with fallacious claims of nutrition and health.

Here, take a look:

1. Skinny Coffee

Skinny coffee drinks are becoming increasingly popular because coffee makers and shops have started banking upon the idea that caffeine drinkers prefer coffee drinks that are low in calories. However, the sad truth is that these skinny drinks may cut down dietary fat to lower the calorie content, but they always make up for the taste by adding heaps of sugar.

These skinny coffee drinks are packed with extremely unhealthy amounts of sugar and artificial sweeteners. And their awful sugar combinations of coffee and milk not only raise blood sugar levels alarmingly, but they also make us crave sugary treats like brownies, cookies and pastries.

Healthiest Coffee Drinks


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