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7 “Healthy” Foods That Are Making You Gain Weight

2. Low-Fat Muffins

Research examining dietary fat reveals that it is not fats that cause us to gain weight, but rather, sugar is the main culprit that causes fat to get accumulated and stored within our body, along with paving the way for several chronic ailments, like diabetes and heart dysfunction. And if you’re devouring supposedly low-fat doughnuts and muffins, keep in mind that even though they may be low in fats, their sugar content is going to be just the same as regular muffins.

When we hear or read the word low-fat or fat-free, it triggers an overpowering halo effect in a brain, and we end up eating more of these supposedly healthy treats just because we believe that they are healthy and low in calories.

But the truth is that these sugar-rich treats make the unhealthiest breakfast, for we all must begin our mornings with energizing platters that are brimming with protein, healthy carbs and good fats.

Muffin Fat

3. “Healthy” Cookies

Regardless of whether they are nutrient-fortified or contain high-fiber doses, cookies are always going to be cookies, and there’s no way you cannot escape their rich calorie density. You see, cookie manufacturers and clever marketers will leave no stone unturned to entice you to devour this highly processed junk in the name of healthy food, but these claims alone are not enough to make them nutritious and fat-free. Whenever you invest in a cookie box, you feel the unbelievable urge to devour it all up instead of taking one and leaving the rest for later. Not only do they taste processed and bland, but they are brimming with unhealthy amounts of sugars and processed additives.

Instead, of these unhealthy packaged cookies, it’s always best to walk down the DIY lane and treat yourself to a clean and deliciously nutty dish of homemade cookies that contain very low amount of sugar.

Easy Kid Friendly Cookie Recipes


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