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7 “Healthy” Foods That Are Making You Gain Weight

4. Protein Bars

These supposedly nutrient-rich and healthy protein bars are nothing but fallaciously marketed and enormously expensive candy bars that provide zero nutrition and heaps of empty calories.

You see, protein and fiber are just mentioned to tempt you to purchases these sugar-rich candy bars, and you just need to take a look at the ingredients section on the label to realise that they are brimming with sugar, excessive sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners and all kinds of processed junk that gets shrouded by charming words such as organic cane syrup.

Instead of these over-priced and unhealthy candy bars, why don’t you devour a protein-meal that will fight away the exhaustion and fatigue you feel after working out without adding up fats to your waistline? You can even devour a handful of nuts to energize your body before your workout session.

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5. Baked Chips

Naturally, the labels on the bags with make all kinds of fallacious health claims about being baked instead of fried, and fat-free while the truth is that they will entice you to devour an entire bag filled with processed chips and countless calories. Being low in fat or calorie content certainly doesn’t mean that these baked chips aren’t unbelievably high on the glycemic index.

It indicates, that these supposedly healthy baked chips are actually capable of encouraging the storage of fat in your body, along with spiking your blood sugar levels. So, instead of these processed and fat-rich packaged chips, why not devour some homemade veggie chips, like kale or zucchini fries, which promise both, taste and calorie-free nutrition.

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